Auxiliary's Gala

February 23 to May 24, 2020

A 2020 photography exhibition showcasing work from local photographers who have reimagined historical photographs from the Museum’s collection to fit today’s perception. 

Then & Now showcase the creativity of the photographers in the way they saw the original historic photographs and recreated the photo of today in several different ways. The exhibition offers the original locations and the passage of time in the same photos in comparison; posing people in a similar manner or situation but updated it to today; an occupation as it looks currently; and a situation or setting reimagined to the 21st century.

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Holiday Exhibition

Nov 24, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020

Deck the Halls holiday experience at the Oshkosh Public Museum. Each room in the beautiful Sawyer home is traditionally decorated in holiday décor.  Peruse through each room and see something unique and different than you saw last year! The gorgeous Tiffany-designed interiors are the perfect backdrop for the warm and cozy feeling of the holidays.

In the gallery on the second floor of the Museum, you will enjoy a fun, whimsical exhibit of “Santa’s Toy Workshop.” This will be a special exhibit with toys from the Museum collection as well as toys shared by members of the community.   

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Permanent Exhibitions

People of the Waters

Explore the richness of prehistoric and early life that spans 13,000 years. Learn more>> 

Check out our Virtual Exhibition to discover more about the wealth of artifacts that make up this exhibition.

Menominee Clans Story

The new Menominee Clans Story exhibition displays superbly carved Clan figures by Menominee traditional artist James Frechette Jr. (1930-2006). Known to the Menominee as “The Little Menominee,” these intricately carved and painted figures stand between twelve and twenty inches high. Through an indigenous art form of the tribe, Mr. Frechette faithfully captured the cultural dimensions of the ancient clan system depicting dress, symbols, tools, colors, traditions, and many details of the Menominee way of life.
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Enrichment Programs

Longbows and Feathered Shafts: Traditional Archery

Saturday, Dec 14, 1 pm
Are you interested in the famous longbow or the graceful recurve bow? Are you curious about or thinking of trying your hand hunting with traditional archery gear? Museum Director Brad Larson will take you back to archery's roots. The cost is $8. Register Here

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Enrichment Programs