Rescheduled Exhibition

Rescheduled to July 2021

The Oshkosh Public Museum was preparing and planning for the enduring story of the ill-fated White Star liner RMS Titanic to dock once again at the Oshkosh Public Museum on August 12, 2020. But as our country manages the COVID-19 pandemic and with continuing uncertainty for the remainder of the year, a decision was made to reschedule the exhibition to 2021. Museum staff believes it is the right thing to exercise caution and move the exhibition to July 2021, for the health and safety of the public and Museum staff being our priority.

Titanic and the tragedy of its passengers and crew are one of the few events in history that has immediate name recognition. There is a seemingly never-ending fascination with Titanic. In the summer of 2021, the Oshkosh Public Museum will unveil this long-awaited, unique exhibition, Titanic: The Wisconsin Connection. Over two years in the making, this exceptional exhibition is based on in-depth research of Wisconsin passengers, conducted by Museum staff and researchers from Experiential Media Group. There were over fifty people on the great ship, in all classes, who were either from Wisconsin or were journeying to the state as immigrants. This exhibition tells the story of twenty of those passengers and is being developed specifically for the Oshkosh Public Museum. It will premier in Oshkosh in July 2021 through October 2021. 

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Menominee Clan Story


Menominee Clan Pow Wow
Saturday, June 5, 2021
12 pm - 6 pm
Pow Wow Grand Entry 1 pm

In honor of the Menominee Clan Story, carved and painted by Menominee artist, James F. Frechette, Jr., we invite you to the opening of the exhibition. The opening will include a Pow Wow as a gathering for us to join, dance, sing, and honor the culture of the Menominee. 

Arena Director:
Gary Besaw
Master of Ceremonies:
Bruce Wilber
Menominee Veterans Honor Guard
Smokey Town and Wolf River Singers
Male Head Dancer:
Ronnie Bowan
Female Head Dancer:
Dawn Wilber
Food Vendors:
Gii Taáse Family Singers, Brothertown Indians
Art Vendors: Stomping Turtle, Weeping Heart, Woodland Creations, Blanc Family, and more!

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Permanent Exhibition

People of the Waters

People of the Waters features interactive media kiosks and a dynamic forty-foot long glass wall that showcases an array of artifacts from the Museum’s extensive collection, representing at least 13,000 years of history from Paleoindians through the Fur Trade. Learn more about the over 1,000 artifacts that make up this incredible exhibition through the Virtual Exhibition. 


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Exhibitions & Programs

A Toast to Titanic Heroes
A-Zoom Cocktail Session Celebrating the Heroes of One of the World's Biggest Disasters
Veronica Hinke
Dual Series offered Thursday, June 11 and June 25, 7-8 pm

Mix up an Edwardian cocktail and raise a glass to some of the most inspiring heroes in history! Wausau native Veronica Hinke will talk about some of the brave and selfless survivors featured in her book "The Last Night on The Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining & Style" (Regnery 2019). "I've been thinking more than ever before lately about the people who put others before themselves even during those hours full of fear. I'm incredibly inspired by these stories, and I want to share them so they can inspire, especially during these uncertain times," Veronica said. Veronica's presentation will showcase the courageous acts of Margaret Brown (the "Unsinkable Molly Brown"), Edith Rosenbaum Russell, first violinist John Hume, Chief Baker Charles Joughin, and Merrill, Wisconsin popcorn vendor Daniel Coxon ("Popcorn Dan").

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