COVID-19 Updates

To help ensure the safety of our staff and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, please adhere to the following guidelines when you visit the Museum: 

General Museum Guidelines

  • Masks are required to enter the Museum. 
  • Public hand sanitizers will be available on each floor, near the elevator, and at the front desk.
  • The front desk has Plexiglas shields in place. 
  • The number of people in the store will be managed. 
  • All in-person programs are canceled and will be reassessed when they will resume. 
  • All receptions and other types of public gatherings are canceled.  
  • The Lecture Room will not be available for rent.
  • The Museum will limit the number of people in the building to no more than 40 at any one time, tracked and managed by front desk staff.


  • The Museum janitorial staff will clean and sanitize public and work areas throughout the Museum.  
  • One day each week a vendor will provide additional sanitizing of public areas. 

Social Distancing

  • We ask visitors to stay together with your group and maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet from staff and other visitors.


  • If you have additional questions on COVID-19 and how the Oshkosh Public Museum is handing our visitor experience, please call us at (920) 236-5799. 

City of Oshkosh

Learn more about COVID-19 through the City of Oshkosh page.  

City of Oshkosh

Be Safe Wisconsin

We can save lives together. Do your part. Be Safe. 

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