Visit the Museum

Discover history and compelling stories told through innovative exhibitions and educational programs. Situated just off the Fox River near historic downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Oshkosh Public Museum is a non-profit regional history museum, an amazing resource for research and discovery. 

Step inside the interactive People of the Waters and explore Wisconsin's prehistoric past and Native American culture that spans at least 13,000 years. Uncover the hidden treasures of Grandma’s Attic, experience pioneer life on the frontier, and discover the hardships of a Civil War soldier. And, enjoy an incredible rotation of engaging temporary exhibitions that will both inspire and entertain guests of all ages and interests. 

Several galleries of the Oshkosh Public Museum are located in the historic Sawyer home, a beautiful English Tudor Revival residence built in 1908 for lumber baron and banker Edgar P. Sawyer and Mary Jewell Sawyer. A visit to the Museum is hardly complete without a stroll through the halls to marvel at the stunning carved woodwork, exquisite artwork, fine glass and ceramics, and the rich Tiffany treasures. A definite must-do is to watch the brilliant hourly performance of the Apostles Clock, a rare monumental timepiece built in 1895.

Before You Visit

  • Touring the Oshkosh Public Museum and its exhibits takes approximately an hour and a half. Allow ample time to explore the permanent collection and the Sawyer home and grounds, as well as any traveling exhibitions that may be on site during your visit.
  • Schedule your visit to coordinate with at least one chiming of the Apostles Clock. The clock chimes every hour, on the hour, and is one of the Museum's not-to-be-missed attractions. Due to the Clock's age, it may unexpectedly require maintenance or repairs. If you are traveling to see the Clock specifically, please call ahead to check that it is operational the day of your visit.
  • Learn about the Sawyer family and the Museum's permanent collections and exhibitions prior to your arrival. Our website is a great resource for brushing up on the Sawyers and other Oshkosh history, and offers a detailed guide to the Museum galleries.
  • Plan to visit the Museum Store, a fun little shop located in the main entrance of the Oshkosh Public Museum. Here you can find souvenirs from your trip, books featuring local history and more.
  • Consider complementing your visit to the Oshkosh Public Museum with visits to other area attractions. As Wisconsin's event city, there is always something to see and do in town. Check out the city's event calendar to see what else is happening nearby.

Visitor Guidelines

On your visit, we ask that you honor these simple rules for a fun day at the Museum.

  • Use quiet inside voices and be courteous of others
  • Walk respectfully and act responsibly; no running or shouting
  • Keep hands to yourself; do not touch artwork, sculptures or other objects
  • Refrain from taking food or drinks into the galleries
  • Be respectful of interactive activities; return items when finished

For more information on planning your visit, please contact the Museum at 920.236.5799 or