Sawyer Home and Grounds



The den was a handsome room located off of the front hall and predominantly used as Mr. Sawyer’s retreat, either as a working office or a place for a nap. It had a rugged masculine look with comfortable furnishings.

The den featured deep brown American chestnut-paneled walls and a decorative brick fireplace. A deep easy chair flanked the fireplace and a chaise lounge sat behind the working desk. Tiffany stenciling decorated the walls above the wood paneling. A set of double doors on the west wall of the room led out into a four-seasons sun parlor, or conservatory. The sun parlor was finished in marble and draped with canvas curtains. The centerpiece of the sun parlor was an ornate aquarium, surrounded by Mrs. Sawyer’s collection of tropical plants. A Tiffany stained glass archway depicting wisteria and intertwined vines framed the doorway to the sun parlor.


The Sawyer Den’s internal structure and finishing remain intact, although several modifications have been made to the surrounding home’s structure. The conservatory was removed in 1982, in preparation for the Steiger Wing addition. A recreated view of the conservatory as well as a replication of the Tiffany stained glass archway has replaced the original glasswork of the once exterior wall. The entire west wall is now backlit. The original Tiffany wisteria arch has been relocated to the left of the Museum entrance, opposite the Museum store. Today the den contains a large wooden display case that houses a historical display of Sawyer family possessions. Also, a framed artwork above the fireplace depicts the Sawyer-Jewell family lineage.