Sawyer Home and Grounds

Carriage Porch and Veranda


The front entrance to the Sawyer home was designed to impress visitors. A wrought iron fence lined the property, and a long elevated driveway angled across the grounds. A low garden wall to match the residence set off the home from the surrounding green space. The entrance was unique, combining an arched porte cochere, or carriage porch, at ground level with stairs leading up to a large veranda. The veranda was likely used heavily during the summer months. The porch and veranda archways were carved from Bedford Stone. The home’s broad entrance doors were detailed with a Tiffany-designed bronze grill, and the veranda windows were similarly covered with bronze grills in a pattern of whorls and scrolls. The simple elegance of the exterior fit well in its natural surroundings.


The Sawyer Carriage Porch and Veranda retain much of their original charm. The Tiffany bronze-grilled doors still complement the original brickwork and masonry. Surrounding landscaping is up kept by the Oshkosh Garden Club. Although the Museum’s entrance is now located off of the parking lot on the south side of the building, the porch served as the main entrance to the Museum until 1983. The porch is now used as an intimate gathering space for Museum social gatherings, programs and member events. The Museum façade has been featured as a backdrop for numerous photo shoots and the veranda is a favorite location for wedding photos.