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High quality reproductions on canvas of paintings in the Museum's collection are available through A strikingly beautiful or unusual painting reflects the owner's interests, sets a room apart, and is often a conversation starter. The web site includes the Museum's holdings by eminent artists, such as George Inness, Louis Ritman, Sara Hess, Emile Gruppe, Marie "Mietzi" Bleck, and Nile Jurgen Behncke, a well-recognized artist whose watercolors captured scenes around Lake Winnebago and other locations in Wisconsin and across the nation. Not only are they beautiful and unique, the art expresses your support of the Museum. The Museum benefits financially from every reprint ordered.

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High resolution digital scans are available for purchase through Museum archives. Choose from almost 50,000 photographs, including views of Oshkosh, churches and schools, logging and lumbering, local people and many more. Start your search online.

Looking for a special Museum memento or a uniquely Oshkosh opus?

You’ll find a wide selection of Wisconsin history products at the Museum Store. From Oshkosh apparel to local authors, we offer a variety of products for history buffs of all ages. Take some time to window shop and enjoy this sampling from our selection of books and DVDs. For a full product selection, stop by the Museum and browse in person. Be sure to visit often as our product selection varies throughout the year.

Call the Museum Store at (920) 236-5762 to place an order over the phone, or visit the Museum to make a purchase in person. All store proceeds directly support the Museum and its programs. Shipping and handling fees for phone orders: $7.00 and under, add $3.95; $7.01-$20.00, add $5.95; $20.01-$35.00, add $6.95; $35.01-$50.00, add $7.95; $50.01 and up, add $8.95.‚Äč

Oshkosh in the Civil War - a self-guided walking tour of Riverside Cemetery

Ginny Gross of the Oshkosh Public Museum has completed her second walking tour book on Riverside Cemetery, "Oshkosh in the Civil War." The material in this guide and the grave sites you will visit have been adapted from this popular cemetery tour. As you walk from grave to grave, you will meet a group of men and women whose stories represent the various ways Oshkosh citizens were involved in the war. Easy descriptive directions are given for each grave site, along with a map of the cemetery and historical background.

Museum Member price: $8.96
Non member price: $11.95 

The William Hoy Story

William Hoy led the National League in stolen bases in his rookie year. He had a strong, sure arm and a knack for catching fly balls. He was also deaf. Hoy loved baseball more than anything. When he was told he was too short for his school team, he wouldn't let that stop him -- he practiced and became good enough to play in the major leagues! Being deaf wasn't easy, since few people used sign language in the 1880s. He taught the umpires hand signals so he could see the calls, and then he really started to score! Discover how Dummy Hoy became one of the greatest and most beloved players of his time.

Museum Member price: $12.74
Non member price: $16.99

Wisconsin Hometown Stories: Oshkosh DVD

Stories of industry, resilience and a high-flyng reputation capture the spirit and history of Oshkosh. This DVD tells the story of a Wisconsin city with a history that has been marked by its people's innovation and civic pride. Named for the Menominee Chief who worked passionately to keep his people on their native lands, Oshkosh's history has been shaped by its wide-ranging industrial spirit, fierce battles for social justice and its citizens' persistent creativity and determination. Produced by Wisconsin Public Television.

Museum Member price: $12.71
Non member price: $16.95

Oshkosh - Land of Lakeflies, Bubblers and Squeaky Cheese

A hometown author's perspective on Oshkosh's recent and historic past. Oshkosh native Randy Domer provides an inside glimpse into the people, places, and things that make this area special and unique. He leans on personal experiences, memories and research to unearth things you may have never known about historic Oshkosh.

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Non member price: $15.95

From the Newspapers: Graphic Stories of Death

Tours of Riverside Cemetery in Oshkosh, WI, have been offered each summer since 2004 by Ginny Gross of the Oshkosh Public Museum. The most popular tour throughout the years is "From the Newspapers: Graphic Stories of Death." This book offers a self-guided walking tour of Riverside Cemetery and covers deaths by fire, water, industry and in the home as described in the newspaper, adapted from that tour. Easy descriptive directions and GPS coordinates are given for each grave site, along with a map of the cemetery and historical background.

Museum Member price: $7.46
Non member price: $9.95

Bling! Paper Dolls with Fashions from 1869-1969, by David Wolfe

Paper doll set featuring three dolls and 18 historical fashions exclusively from the collections of the Oshkosh Public Museum, as seen in the Bling! exhibit. Dresses range in date from the 1860s to 1960s and showcase 100 years of over-embellished fashions. Artwork and design by David Wolfe, acclaimed fashion trend forecaster and paper doll artist.

Museum Member price: $7.46
Non member price: $9.95

History Afield: Stories from the Golden Age of Wisconsin Sporting Life

By Robert Willging. Drawing on dozens of first-hand interviews and accounts, Willging explores the richly varied history of sporting pursuits in Wisconsin, from hunting waterfowl and deer to trout fishing in wild Northern Wisconsin rivers to vacationing at family-operated lakeside resorts. Illuminated with historic photos depicting Wisconsin's early sporting life, History Afield shows how the intimate relationship between humans and nature helped shape an elemental part of the state's heritage.

Museum Member price: $18.71
Non-member price: $24.95

Snapshots of History

By the Oshkosh Public Museum. Scenes along the riverfront, the electric trolley running through downtown, familiar buildings of an era long ago… This original publication features 52 panoramic images of Oshkosh cityscapes taken between 1915 and 1917. Each image has a written description that highlights what the buildings, streets, houses and industries were like in Oshkosh during the early 1900s, giving the sensations of what life was like at the turn of the 20th century. 56 pages, soft cover.

Museum Member price: $11.21
Non-member price: $14.95

Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories: Our Veterans Remember

By Sarah A. Larsen and Jennifer M. Miller. Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories takes you behind enemy lines to uncover the Vietnam War through the eyes of soldiers. First-hand accounts, original maps and a range of historical chapter introductions reveal the realities of wartime. The book provides insight into the memories, experiences and lasting impact of the Vietnam War on Wisconsin soldiers. Wisconsin Vietnam War Stories is an unforgettable collection and lasting tribute to our veterans.

Museum Member price: $18.71
Non-member price: $24.95

People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin’s Love Affair with an Ancient Fish

By Kathleen Schmitt Kline, Ronald M. Bruch and Frederick P. Binkowski, with photography by Bob Rashid. An environmental chronicle of Wisconsin’s lake sturgeon population, People of the Sturgeon documents the history and conservation efforts of the ancient fish and the cultural traditions it has spawned. People of the Sturgeon discusses topics such as fish laws, the art of spearing and women in the sport. The book is filled with images and interviews with sturgeon spearers who all have a good fish tale to tell.

Museum Member price: $18.71
Non-member price: $24.95

On the Hunt: The History of Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

By Robert Willging. One of Wisconsin’s most comprehensive documentations of whitetail deer, On the Hunt explores the state’s long standing deer hunting tradition and details some of the finer points of hunting in Wisconsin. On the Hunt discusses topics such as deer economics, human contact and women who hunt. The book, filled with newspaper clippings and historic photos, provides today's deer hunters with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their favorite activity.

Museum Member price: $20.21
Non-member price: $26.95

Like a Deer Chased by the Dogs: The Life of Chief Oshkosh

By Scott Cross, Archivist, Oshkosh Public Museum. The life and times of Chief Oshkosh of the Menominee Nation; paperbound, 56 pages illustrated with historic photographs and images.

Museum Member price: $7.46
Non-member price: $9.95