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Board of Directors

The Oshkosh Public Museum Board of Directors brings together history advocates and community leaders and enlists them with the important role of stewarding our city’s rich history. The Board operates within the broader framework of the City of Oshkosh government and ensures that the Museum remains focused on its mission. The Board of Directors oversees numerous aspects of Museum operations, including:

  • Raising Funds
  • Directing revenues
  • Adopting Policies
  • Awarding contracts

Most importantly, Board members are charged with championing and promoting the Oshkosh Public Museum throughout the community and nurturing the foundation to strengthen and guide the future of the Museum.

Board of Directors

Jim Hoffman, President
Rebecca Matzke, Vice President
Jean Thierman, Secretary
Randy Domer
Carol Fenrich
Gabriel Loiacono
Richard Rego
Connie Drexler, Alternate
MariBeth Theusch, Alternate
Stan Mack, Superintendent of Schools
Allison Garner, School Board President
Barbara Herzog, School Board Vice President
Barb Shirtz, Auxiliary President

Join the Board

If you are interested in serving on the Oshkosh Public Museum Board of Directors, please contact:

Brad Larson

Or apply online to be considered as a candidate for the Oshkosh Public Museum Board of Directors.