Virtual Exhibitions

The Oshkosh Public Museum has compiled a number of virtual exhibits containing historic photographs, documents and artifacts from our collections. These exhibits are meant to be used as standalone virtual experiences as well as accompanying experiences to our in-person permanent exhibitions. Each exhibit offers an inside look at the Museum's collections and the interesting people, artifacts and events that they represent.

Historic Photographs

Thousands of photos and images within the Oshkosh Public Musuem's collection are accessible to view and research online. The online gallery offers search functionality by keyword, creator, person, place, subject and more. It's a wealth of knowledge at one's fingertips. 

People of the Waters

Discover People of the Waters, the Museum’s new permanent, long-term exhibition that explores the richness of prehistoric and early life in Oshkosh and the Lake Winnebago region that spans 13,000 years. The exhibition features the Museum’s archaeological collections including artifacts from the following collectors:  Arthur P. Kannenberg; Charles Koehn; Stephen D. Mitchell; Frank Mueller; James G. Pickett; Ralph N. Buckstaff and George M. Brugger. Read more>>

Then & Now: Old Photos as Today

A 2020 photography exhibition showcasing work from local photographers who have reimagined historical photographs from the Museum’s collection to fit today’s perception. See first-hand the photos from years past and how the photographer captured a similar moment in time.

For Home and Country: World War I

Discover how local residents coped, sacrificed and survived World War I through this virtual exhibit. Enter their world through their letters home, discover the nightmares endured on the battlefield, and much more. Read more>>

The Great War

Explore World War I and some of the Museum’s collection through this virtual exhibit and the links found on this page. Read more>>

History Exhibits

These detailed exhibits present a rich selection of historical events and movements and their effects on the Lake Winnebago Region. Six individual exhibits present popular topics from throughout Oshkosh history: Pioneers and Immigrants, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II and Women's History. Read more>>

Lasley's Point Exhibits

Lasley's Point site is located in Winnebago County on the east shore of Lake Winneconne. It is a multi-component site with most of the Wisconsin cultural periods represented, however, it is best known for its Oneota component. The site was excavated by the Oshkosh Public Museum over a period of four years from 1937 to 1941. The excavation was lead by Arthur P. Kannenberg, who was curator of archaeology at the time. Read more>>


This textile exhibit features 57 over-embellished and flamboyant fashions from the collections of the Oshkosh Public Museum with extensive "gossip" on each dress and the woman who wore it. Twelve additional exhibits showcase extravagant fashion accessories. Read more>>