Toys: The Inside Story

June 9 - September 2, 2012

Get ready… get set… GO PLAY!

Ever wonder what's inside an Etch A Sketch®? Or what makes Hungry Hungry Hippos® eat? Toys takes a peek inside some of today's and yesterday's most popular toys to explore the gadgets and gizmos that make them work.

Kid-friendly games and challenges make the exhibit fun for families and young children. Try the circuit challenge and add a new spark to the old favorite, Operation®. Then step up to the gigantic Etch A Sketch® and try to trace patterns on the larger-than-life drawing board

The exhibit includes 12 different hands-on stations that illustrate the simple mechanisms commonly found in toys. From Jack-in-the-Box to Hokey Pokey Elmo®, explore the basics of pulleys, cams, gears, linkages and circuits. Then, become a master toymaker as you experiment with the many different mechanical and electrical doodads that make toys so fun!

Toys is sponsored by generous donations from Museum members and supporters.


Toys is a traveling exhibit developed by the Montshire Museum of Science in Vermont, with funding from a National Science Foundation grant.