Then & Now: Old Photos as Today

This exhibition is now offered as a virtual tour!

A 2020 photography exhibition showcasing work from local photographers who have reimagined historical photographs from the Museum’s collection to fit today’s perception. See first-hand the photos from years past and how the photographer captured a similar moment in time.

A photographer has an eye for creating a successful photograph. The ability to see the potential for a strong picture and then organize the elements into being effective and compelling is a key skill in taking photographs. We contacted four local photographers to look at the historic photos, asking them to re-imagine them, and modernize them to fit todays perception.  The photographers who were up for the challenge were, Tara Pichelmeyer, One.Two.Three Photography; Don Stolley, Stolley Studio; Phil Weston, Weston Imaging; and, Nick Dvoracek, Pinholica.


Tara Pichelmeyer                 Don Stolley                 Phil Weston                    Nick Dvoracek

One.Two.Three Photography Stolley Studio          Weston Imaging               Pinholica

Photographers are able to drastically change the outcome of an image through various cameras, film, lenses, and the timing of a photo.  The exhibit Then & Now, will show you the creativity and artistry unique to each photographer, connecting our communities history to today.

The exhibition offers the original locations and the passage of time in the same photos in comparison; posing people in a similar manner or situation but updated it to today; an occupation as it looks currently; and a situation or setting reimagined to the 21st century.