Permanent Exhibitions

Memories & Dreams

Wisconsin has long been considered a land of opportunity. Discover what made Winnebago County a land of prosperity through the words and lives of the thousands of immigrants who made the area their home. These displays will take you through the early days of the region's settlement and pioneer life and into the opportunities and hardships of factory and craftsman work during the Industrial Revolution. Complete your journey with a look at the excitement of town life. A 1913 Harley Davidson sits waiting, ready to take you down the streets and side roads of old Oshkosh.

Pioneer Log Cabin

Welcome to life on the frontier. Experience living in a pioneer log cabin with this life-size replica of a 1850s settler's dwelling. This hands-on area encourages imaginative play and introduces children to the daily routine, and hard work, of life in early Oshkosh.

Civil War

The Civil War was one of the bloodiest in American history, with casualties in numbers that exceed the nation's loss in all of its other wars, from the Revolutionary War through today. Discover what life was like as a soldier in Civil War battle, from being sick or wounded on the battlefield to fighting hunger to passing the time between battles.

Work Life

Explore the industries and trades that shaped Oshkosh and other Fox River communities into bustling cities and towns. This display examines the transition from agriculture and farming to the rise of industry and factory work. Learn of the long hours and workplace hardships behind the movements that led to "a fair day's wages for a fair day's work."

Grandma's Attic

The best place to explore on a rainy day, this hands-on space invites visitors to open drawers and peer into trunks to find what treasures Grandma has stashed away. Historic games, toys and dress-up clothes encourage family interaction and playtime. Comfy rocking chairs invite families and friends to sit a spell and share their own memories.