Permanent Exhibitions

Apostles Clock

One of the Museum's not-to-miss attractions, the Apostles Clock has thrilled guests with its hourly performance ever since it came to the Museum nearly 70 years ago. Built in 1895, the eight-foot tall Apostles Clock continues to toll out the hour over one hundred years later in a brilliant display of lights, music and master clockworks. At the top of each hour, an angel strikes a gong, illuminating the clock and starting the three-minute spectacle. During the hourly performance, a figurine of Jesus emerges and one by one, the twelve Apostles pass before Him as He raises His arms in blessing. During the procession, guests are treated to a stately tune from the clock's Regina music box, which can be fitted with some fifty different musical discs ranging from hymns to jigs to Christmas carols.

The clock, which is valued as a superb example of Wisconsin folk art, was completed in 1895 by Oshkosh resident Mathias Kitz after six years of work. As testament to Mathias's skills, the clock is completely mechanical, with the entire performance operated by an intricate system of pulleys, weights and springs. As one of the few monumental clocks still in existence today, the Apostles Clock is a timeless treasure that has charmed generation after generation of Museum visitors.

So whether you've enjoyed the clock for years or are yet to see the marvel, take time to visit an old friend and enjoy the Apostles Clock today.

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