The Oshcar Awards

On display through April 28, 2013

Hollywood has the Oscars, Oshkosh has the Oshcars

And the nominees are ...

Excitement ran high during the Oshkosh Public Museum's presentation of the first-ever Oshcar Awards, a red-carpet exhibit and awards ceremony that honored outstanding artifacts from the Museum's collections.

The winners were:

Best Object in a Supporting Role: The Baby Walker

Best Female Art Director: The Necklace

Best Maritime Production: The Diving Helmet

Best Aerial Adventure: The Wedding Dress

Best Achievement in Plumage: The Coat

Best Home Entertainment: The Television

Best Technical Direction: The Typewriter

Best Achievement in a Mini Series: The Paperweights

Best Devotional Documentary: The Church

Best Mourning Show: The Body Basket

Best Treatment of a Hot Topic: The Fire Alarm Repeater

Best Casting for an American Series: The Flag

Best Performance by a Sparkling Personality: The Mineral

Best Adaption of a Mystery: The Chest

Best Visual Effects: The Coat

Best Starring Role in a Drama: Old Abe’s Feather

Best Director’s Seat: The Tricycle

Best Original Horseplay: The Rocking Horse

Best Crime Series: The Police Ledger

Best Actor in a Leading Role: The President Teddy Roosevelt Bust

Best Original Score: The Sailboat Model

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