In Company With Angels

Seven Re-Discovered Tiffany Windows

Accompanied by "Living With Tiffany" exhibit
February 8 - May 11, 2014
The Oshkosh Public Museum is honored to showcase the full set of Tiffany's stained-glass window series "Angels Representing Seven Churches," each depicting one of the angels addressed in the Bible's Book of Revelation, providing visitors a unique opportunity to appreciate both Tiffany's art and his craftsmanship in an intimate museum setting.
Created by Tiffany Studios at the beginning of the 20th century, the windows once adorned a church sanctuary in Ohio but spent decades packed in crates, nearly forgotten, after the church was demolished. In 2001, the angels were found - miraculously, all seven survived intact.

The impetus to "reveal the beauty" influenced the restoration of the windows and also inspired the creation of the museum exhibit that brings the angel windows to the world. The exhibit provides education about the historical and artistic significance of the works, and archives their evolution and journey. It is what happens when the windows are backlit and light streams through the stained-glass that stirs a feeling of something newly revealed within them.

According to Arthur J. Femenella, a stained glass expert and Tiffany authority, "the angel windows can be appreciated in many ways. Artistically, they are a tour de force from one of the greatest and most prolific glass studios in the United States. Historically, they capture an era of great stained glass in this country. Spiritually, they have their own power and gently, but with great conviction, instill in the viewer that there just may be a power in the universe that is greater than we realize."

The cornerstone of the Oshkosh Public Museum is the historic 1908 residence of Edgar and Mary Jewell Sawyer. The interior decorations and furnishings of the home were executed by Tiffany Studios, including the bronze grilles, light fixtures and tapestry wall coverings. One of the most recognizable and beautiful Tiffany features is the iridescent landscape themed stained glass window on the landing of the grand staircase.

The In Company With Angels exhibit includes not only the dramatic Tiffany windows, but is accompanied by Living With Tiffany, an exhibit showcasing a collection of lamps, desk sets and other decorative objects created by Tiffany Studios for the home and everyday living. But more than an artistic masterpiece, and more than an interpretation of a set of biblical passages, the story of the Seven Angels weaves together history, art and spirituality.

The windows' conservation and exhibition was organized by In Company with Angels, Inc. Photography by Douglas A. Lockard, courtesy of In Company with Angels, Inc.

Exhibition sponsored in part by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism.