Deer Hunting

September 25, 2010 – January 30, 2011

Deer Hunting: Wisconsin’s Autumn Tradition, a 1,700 square foot exhibit, explores Wisconsin’s long and rich deer hunting tradition and sporting heritage. The exhibit tracks the historic roots of this annual rite of autumn and explores the environmental and economical significance of the white-tailed deer and sport of hunting.

Deer Hunting brings together an impressive array of deer hunting artifacts that depict the history of the hunt, from the Native American’s quest for deer and the settlement period prior to the Civil War, to the golden age of deer camps and the post World War II rise of the bow hunter and growth of women in the sport. Set your sights on classic guns, including early muzzleloaders and lever action rifles, and come face-to-face with the great outdoors and mounts of famous, trophy-class bucks, including Wisconsin’s new record non-typical buck bagged by Wayne Schumacher in 2009.

From scoring a set of antlers to understanding a deer’s incredible 310 degree vision, interactive displays invite visitors to experience wildlife conservation and hunting techniques first-hand. Step up to a recreated rock shelter with prehistoric petroglyphs of native hunters after the elusive deer, or venture inside the lodge, take a load off and explore the heady chronicle of northern Wisconsin deer camps and their humor and initiations.

Deer Hunting: Wisconsin’s Autumn Tradition mixes history and tradition to capture the thrill of the hunt and take an in-depth look at the state’s most sacred sporting season.