Exhibitions & Programs

The Oshkosh Public Museum invites you to discover the real things of history and the stories they tell through our many exhibitions and programs. 

In addition to our permanent and temporary exhibitions, we host a variety of programs and events throughout the year. While these programs and events support our mission of promoting and nurturing an understanding and appreciation of local history and culture, above all else they are fun and interesting ways to enjoy learning.


Explore WWI through this virtual exhibit.

Temporary Exhibitions

Feb 18 - May 13, 2018
REPLAY is a delightful exploration of what happens when childhood notions are viewed through the adult lens of a Proustian involuntary memory, or as some might simply say - "a throwback." Read more>

For Home and Country: World War I
Jun 17 - Oct 7, 2018
Visitors will be transported back to the World War I era through artifacts, photographs, and unique stories or incidents recorded by the local men and women who experienced them. Read more>

Special Programs


Every visit to the Oshkosh Public Museum can be enhanced with a special make-and-take project. Located in the sunroom near the main entrance, this area features an entertaining, historical do-it-yourself project. The take home activity changes monthly, and directions and supplies are provided to make and take home your very own piece of history.


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January: Thaumatrope - Come inside and stay warm at the Museum this winter. Learn how kids from the past kept themselves amused indoors, and then make a thaumatrope for your own amusement. 

February: Pop Art - Get ready to explore the new exhibition REPLAY! Learn what the Pop Art movement is all about, and then create your own pop art image.