Exhibitions & Programs

The Oshkosh Public Museum invites you to discover the real things of history and the stories they tell through our many exhibitions and programs throughout the year. While these programs and events support our mission of promoting and nurturing an understanding and appreciation of local history and culture, above all else they are fun and interesting ways to enjoy learning.

Consider hosting The World of Jan Brett traveling exhibit, presented by the Oshkosh Public Museum in partnership with Jan Brett.

Menominee Clans Story exhibit is coming to Oshkosh!
The former Winnebago Room is temporarily closed as staff transforms this space for this new exhibit. Read more>

Temporary Exhibitions

Dressed to Play!
Feb 17 - May 19, 2019
Summer fun is the focus of this amusing exhibition that showcases clothing styles, paraphernalia, and historic photographs of memorable summertime festivities enjoyed throughout the years. Read more>

Cemetery Tales: The Exhibition
Jul 21 - Oct 31, 2019
This gripping exhibition resurrects popular life and death stories, and also features local mourning and funeral history, while artifacts, photographs and other ghastly surprises breathe life into these local legends. Read more>

Special Programs

float leftEvery visit to the Oshkosh Public Museum can be enhanced with a special make-and-take project. Located in the sunroom near the main entrance, this area features an entertaining, historical do-it-yourself project.

The take home activity changes monthly, and directions and supplies are provided to make and take home your very own piece of history.

January: Woodland Indian Wigwams - Explore the People of the Waters gallery and learn about Wisconsin's Woodland Indians. Find out what their houses were like, then create your own paper wigwam.

February: Birch Bark - Learn about how Wisconsin's early people used birch bark and see examples in People of the Waters. Then create your own paper birch bark basket.