Donor Directed Funds

Endowment Fund

The Oshkosh Public Museum is passionate about carrying the stories and relics of our local culture and heritage into the future. Endowment growth is important to the long-term advancement of our mission of preservation and appreciation of our shared history.

Gifts to the Endowment are special as they provide funds that help us plan for the future. Your Endowment gift is secured in an account for perpetuity, while the earnings enable the Museum to implement new programs, acquire important artifacts and create engaging exhibits to realize the needs of each new generation of museum-goers. As the Endowment continues to grow, so does the impact of your gift.

A larger Endowment provides greater financial stability and growth, allowing the Museum to implement its long-range plans and increasing funds available for the Museum’s ongoing efforts to advance exhibits and educational outreach. Most importantly, a strong Endowment shows the community and our supporters that the Oshkosh Public Museum has the resources to be a keystone of the community for many years to come.

Make an investment in the future, and know that your support is history in the making.

Collections Fund

Your gift to the Collections Fund directly supports the artifacts and documents that tell the story of Oshkosh. Earnings from the Collections fund are designated toward the acquisition of items for the Museum’s permanent collections as well as conservation treatment of Museum collection pieces. Generous contributions to the Collections Fund helped support the conservation of a priceless 1860s flag from the American Civil War and played an important role in the 2006 renovation of the Apostles Clock. Each and every donation to the Collections Fund helps strengthens the Museum’s permanent collections and keeps history alive.

Support What You Love

Whether it's the stately Sawyer home, the thousands upon thousands of artifacts it houses, the inspiring exhibits and educational programs we provide, or the development of a new generation long-term exhibit, People of the Waters, your gift to the Museum will help us achieve our goals for this year and beyond. Give today online or by contacting Director Sarah Phillips at 920-236-5769 or by email.