• Boat Building in Oshkosh

    Oshkosh was known as the "Sawdust City" because of the numerous sawmills that lined the Fox River in the past. The rivers and Lake Winnebago were the early highways and contributed to why the city … more

  • A Gift of Knowledge

    "That strength which the lion symbolizes was prayerfully hoped for, for its future."Daily Northwestern, 1912

    The bronze lions so proudly poised at the original Washington Avenue entrance of the … more

  • The Great Fire of 1875

    Oshkosh was once considered the lumber capital of the world. The first sawmill began operating in 1847, and before long sawmills lined the entire Fox River. At the height of the lumber boom in the … more

  • Famous Trial in Oshkosh History

    One of the most famous labor trials in American history began on October 1, 1898. It was known as the Oshkosh Woodworkers' Strike and the trial remains a case study for many law students across the … more

  • OPM celebrating 90 years of service

    Ninety years ago, a committee of forward-thinking citizens realized that a museum "was an important feature of a modern city's life" (Oshkosh Northwestern). They deeply believed that the story of the … more

  • The Day the Circus Came Back to Town

    A recent donation to the Oshkosh Public Museum reminds us that pride can also be an emotion which provides a satisfying sense of attachment while fulfilling the feeling of belonging. This hometown … more

  • A Yachtsman's Delight

    "Lake Winnebago is a very fine lake for the regattas. It is big and clear and deep enough and the winds are strong enough and steady. Winnebago is the best lake we have for the races. The yacht … more