• "Big Loss at Paine's"

    “Big Loss at Paine’s”: The Watery Legacy of the 1899 Paine Warehouse Fire

    By Emily Rock, Registrar


    While researching the history of the Oshkosh Fire Department, I … more

  • Chief Oshkosh, Ultimate Leader

    By Brad Larson, Director

    The image of Chief Oshkosh, wearing a top hat that stares back at us from the famous 1855 daguerreotype creates a misleading perception of this Menominee man. His real name … more

  • Votes for Women! The Long Battle

    Votes for Women! The Long Battle

    By Lynn Lorenson

      On June 10, 1919, Wisconsin became the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote. As we celebrate this 100 … more

  • EnMESHed With Meaning

    By Emily Rock, Registrar

    Cataloging artifacts can sometimes lead you down a rabbit hole of discovery. Part of the process can be a little rote, such as measuring the item and data entry, but … more

  • The Helen Farnsworth Mears Collection

    Several years ago, the museum was fortunate enough to acquire through auction a very large collection of archival documents, photographs, and a bronze bas relief, all relating to the Mears … more

  • The Art of Shaving

    The Art of ShavingBrad Larson, Director

     “The first thing each new [guard] would do was go through my pockets ... The one thing that interested all ... was my Gillette razor and they all … more

  • Purchased with Purpose: Amphora Pottery

    Durow Trust Fund: Decorative Arts/Collection Connection

    Purchased with Purpose: Amphora Pottery

    by Anna Cannizzo, Durow Curator of Collections and Decorative Arts


    When I became the … more

  • Oshkosh Aviator Lost at Sea

    Clyde Allen Lee was struck by aviation fever at a young age. Growing up in Larsen, Wisconsin, he would watch in awe as his cousins, the infamous Larson Brothers – Roy, Leonard, Clarence and … more