Oh, What Should I Wear?

Sub Header: Sun, Mar 3, 2p

Sun, Mar 3, 2 pm

As people gathered to enjoy the halcyon days of summer with family and friends, the clothing they chose to wear for the occasion was positively an important factor. Debra Daubert, Curator of Exhibitions, demystifies some of the summer clothing styles and local photographic scenes that served as an inspiration for Dressed to Play!

We suggest viewing this amusing exhibition prior to the presentation, which also features a variety of paraphernalia used for these memorable warm weather activities. Dressed to Play! is a reflection on the pleasant pursuits of summer from past generations, and it helps us appreciate innovation – let’s all be glad that we no longer wear wool on a hot day in July!

This special event is open to all visitors, and as always, admission is free for Museum Members.

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Event Date: 3/3/2019