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Relighting a Stained Glass Treasure

Wednesday, September 5, 6 pm

Edgar and Mary Sawyer’s retirement home, now part of the Oshkosh Public Museum, was designed by Oshkosh architect William Waters and built in 1908 by the local C.R. Meyer Company. The interior decorating was orchestrated by the world famous, coveted artisans of Tiffany Studios of New York. A remarkable number of original Tiffany elements still remain in the historic Sawyer home.

Debra Daubert, Curator of Exhibitions, will discuss these treasures and the tales surrounding them, proving how truly unique this Oshkosh home was and still is today. Participants can also witness a relighting ceremony of the iridescent Tiffany windows on the grand staircase, and enjoy a delightful tea reception hosted by the Museum Auxiliary.

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Event Date: 9/5/2018