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Oshkosh Civil Defense emergency medical kit. A: Olive green suitcase; body constructed of laminated/particle rubber/plastic/wood(?); metal rivets, hinges and flip fasteners; metal strip reinforcement along top edges; metal corner reinforcements; metal half-round supports on base; black leather-covered handle. Top stencilled in white: "O. C.D./white symbol resembling winged creature (circluar head, neck, outspread wings, 3 vertical touching lobes) in center of green triangle in center of white circle/PHYSICIANS FIELD EQUIPMENT/CASE B". Metal closures stamped "USA/EXCELSIOR/STAMFORD(?)/CORP". B: 3 off-white cardboard packages (5 x 3.375 x 1 inches) of folded muslin; top of package labeled with two white circles inside red circles, below which in red is: "ONE/WHITE CROSS/TRIANGULAR BANDAGE/WITH 2 SAFETY PINS/NOT STERILIZED/CAUTION: DO NOT PLACE ON OPEN WOUNDS/Manufactured by/THE AMERICAN WHITE CROSS LABORATORIES, INC./New Rochelle, N.Y. Cape Girardeau, Mo., U.S.A."; back of package is labeled in red with images and captions: "AS A KNEE BANDAGE", "TOURNIQUET", "HEAD AND EYE BANDAGE", "AS A SLING". C: 8 unopened tan-grey cardboard packages (4.25 x 2.5 x 2 inches) sealed with cellophane, crimped ends (cellophane on 5 packages torn); top labeled in black: "LARGE/FIRST-AID DRESSING/U. S. ARMY/ CARLISLE MODEL,/STERILIZED/(TO OPEN-PULL TAB)/RED COLOR INDICATES BACK OF DRESSING/PUT OTHER SIDE NEXT TO WOUND/ACME COTTON PRODUCTS CO., INC./NEW YORK, N. Y./CONTRACT #M61203 DATED MARCH 4, 1942". D: 3 unopened heat pad packages (7.625 x 7.25 x 1.25 inches ); unmarked flat cardboard base and overall cellophane wrap (torn on all packages, 1 package severly torn and contains rust(?) particles); contains dark green-grey woven pad with stitched on selvage edge; labeled in light grey "KEMI-THERM/REG. U.S. PAT. OFF./Refill Heat Pad/TO USE:/1. Pour 2 tablespoons of water in opening/of angular corner./2. Shake and knead a few moments until/desired heat is obtained./3. Insert into outer case, then use./TO COOL AND DRY:/4. Remove from outer case and set aside/to cool./TO REHEAT:/5. Use as in 1, 2, and 3. Pad can be used/for a total of 90 hours./U.S. PAT. NO. 1,760,102, NO. 2,279,589 , AND OTHER PATENTS PENDING/Helene Curtis Industries/A DIVISION OF/THE NATIONAL MINERAL COMPANY/NEW YORK - LOS ANGELES - CHICAGO - TORONTO - MONTREAL"; buff manufacturer/brand name card adhered to back (1 loose). E: 1 unopened cellophane-wrapped package (8.125 x 7.5 x 1.25 inches) containing brown suede with sewn on brown textile edged pouch; fold over flap labeled in buff "U. S. A./ M. D."; line of perforations near edges; contents are firm; this is probably the "outer case" used with above heat pads; probably contains one heat pad. F: 1 white (coated?) tissue paper bundle of folded gauze (10.75 x 8 x 6.75 inches); tissue paper secured with twine. G: 2 pair chrome angled scissors; one longer blade with knobbed end; impressed "REX/U. S. A.". H: 1 (presumed) battery powered flashlight with attached stand and wood loop handle; dark olive green cylindrical case, slightly convex glass cover over chrome funnel housing and lightbulb; handle and base are attached at middle of case and can swivel 360 degrees; sliding on-off knob; one end of cylinder (battery cavity compartment?) has symbol: recessed "C D" inside raised triangle inside recessed circle. I: 2 "Coleman Instant-Lighting Stove Model 520"; dark green cylindrical fuel font, folding legs in base, top of font has threaded filter plug cap chained to frame support and pump plunger; lift off unpainted aluminum(?) cylindrical cover protects generator, spare generator, burner head, valve, and grate bar at top; grate supported by 3-legged frame; metal tag on one support leg: "PROPERTY OF/U. S. GOVERNMENT/OFFICE OF/CIVILIAN DEFENSE"; other 2 leg supports have metal tags with fuel and pumping specifications and lighting instructions; valve labeled "PAT. NO. 1718473/MADE IN U.S.A."; also has loose metal funnel stored within open area above font. Includes a trifold pamphlet (see Archives) of operating and care instructions and parts price list from The Coleman Lamp and Stove Company. Per donor, this case was located in the Oshkosh City Treasurer's (Harvey A. Galow) office during World War II for emergency use (bombings); O. C. D. stood for Oshkosh Civil Defense. Donors used the stoves during the 1950s and early 1960s for heat and cooking while ice fishing. Made continued: Acme Cotton Products Company/Helen Curtis Industries, Division of The National Mineral Company/The Coleman Lamp and Stove Company.
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