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Record 453/959
Letter written by George R. Dempsey, 13th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division, to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dempsey in Oshkosh, WI. The letter is undated and may be a transcription from a V-Mail letter. October 1st (V letter) Dear mother & father, The consistent refusal to face inevitable probabilities is the most amazing thing about the American press and people. The results of the statement made by Patterson at the recent military conference, all have little effect indeed, I can safely predict that most of the leading papers will publish the gloomy conclusion (if at all) in a column immediately adjacent to a rosy "Over by X-mas" statement by some such leading mind as Curly Brooks or Lee Daniel. Despite Henry Luce's unwise and distorted military reporting (viz., the tactics of singling out commanders and units whose military accomplishments are actually second-rate for glorification). "Life" is the only publication of any large circulation that states flatly several things that will happen: (1) The casualties in Europe will be beyond the worst present calculations, and the war quite possibly has years, not months to run in that theatre alone; (2) That present efforts against Japan are little more than minor aggravations to them and the enemy is actually becoming stronger there. No, the dopes keep up the chant. It'll take two million casualties to convince them. Love to all, George
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