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Record 450/959
Letter from Private Arthur H. Spaedtke, with the 717th Tank Battalion at Camp Chafee, Arkansas, to Reverend John E. Elbert. Nov. 30 1943 Pay Day Dear Rev. Elbert. Got your letter and was very glad to get it. It all ways seems good to get a letter from you. The first thing I will tell you is about the bad luck we had in our Company over Thanksgiving. There were 47 of us that got Toemain poisoning from the dinner we had. Like I said 47 went to the Hospital some for 4 days but me and a few other they kept us 6 days we were a little worse than the rest of the boys so they kept us 2 days longer. Now I have a different job again. They now got me on a 105 it is a artillery piece. It is on a Tank and the Tank weights 21 ton and this gun shoots 7 miles. I still go to church. I was Thanksgiving morning and the Chaplain sure had a nice sermon for the boys. I sure was glad to get your little prayer book and the messenger. It kind a helps to know where the rest of the boys are at. I haven't run in to a fellow from Oshkosh in a long time. I think after the first of the year I will get a furlough so don't get sick again so I can't come and see you. Well I don't know of any more to write and will close for now. As ever Art. Spaedtke P.S. Thanks again for the prayer book. Dorothy said she likes to see my name in the messenger.
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