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Record 448/959
Letter from Private Arthur H. Spaedtke, in training with the 101st Airborne Division, to Reverend John E. Elbert. Aug. 24, 1942 Dear Rev. I got your letter and I though [thought] I would sit down and answer it. They sure are working us hard. All we get now is a lot of hikes last Thursday we started on a hike at 8 o'clock at night and we got to the place at 4:30 in the morning that sure was some hike it was 22 miles one way. You see on a hike like this we have full field pack is with your tent and everything the pack after you have everything in the pack it weighs 52 lbs. and then you have your Rifle that weighs a little better then 9 lbs. While going on this hike we walk 50 minutes and rest 10 minutes. So that way it isn't so bad. But on the way back it sure was hard on us there were a quite a few that fell out. When we got in our feet were sore and a lot of fellows had blisters on them. This hike what I am telling you about there are a lot of men on it. It is the whole 82 Division and that is about 16,000 men so that is quite a few men. Today is Monday and tomorrow morning at 4 o'clock we start on another hike. This isn't so long this is 16 miles and we will stay out on this hike to Friday. The only time we get for our self is on Sunday and then we sit down and write letters home so that is work to. At first we were just in an Infantry. Now we are in an Outfit they call the Airborne Infantry or Glider Infantry at the end of the month we are going to move to a other [another] camp. In North Carolina they call it Fort Brag that is what they say but I don't now [know] for sure. Well I have been to church about 8 times since I been here. Well it is getting late so I will close for now As ever Arthur Spaedtke Will write later. Have to get up at 2:15 and it is 9 o'clock now so I won't get much sleep.
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