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Record 436/959
Letter from William H. Juedes, Troop B, 42nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Mechanized, to Reverend John E. Elbert. [Date on envelope Jul 27, 1943] Hello Rev. Elbert: I would have wrote sooner but as some things are impossible. I am in the Cavalry, the Mechanized Division. I was happy to hear from the Welfare Committee, it sounds nice to hear from your own church and friends in Oshkosh. Down here the weather is 125 in the shade and the nights are cool. Down here there is all sand and pine trees. Most of my time is spent on the Machine gun range and rifle and pistol ranges. I have received expert metals [medals] for machine gun and rifle. We get up at 4 o'clock in the morning and drill till 6 o'clock at night, after this is done we have to clean our guns. I have went to church here several times but I miss my own church. But I have not changed I still am a Lutheran and I always will be. We are through our boot training now, it used to take 9 months. We were put through it in 5 months or less, so you see we really worked hard. Well the faster we can get over there the sooner it will be over, I wish I was over on the other side helping the rest of our boys over there. Well I will do my best for my country that I possibly can. My job with the Cavalry is Machine Gunner, Cal. 50, which is a large gun mostly used on airplane attacks. It fires 975 rounds a minute. I received my cross and prayer book and keep them near me at all times. We are only 165 miles from the coast. There are airplanes flying all night long over our barracks to see that we are not attacked like at Pearl Harbor. Well I am in the best of health and feeling fine, and a suntan that money could never buy. Well good by and good luck to you and your Committee may God bless our country and have peace again some day. Sincerely yours, Bill Juedes
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