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Record 394/959
Letter from Staff Sergeant Robert F. Rhyner, 8th Army Air Force, to his father C. E. Rhyner. Oct. 28,44 England Dear Mom & Dad; I received your letter today and boy was I glad to hear from you as it had been about two weeks since I heard from you last. I haven't much news to tell except that our last exploit was Hanover. I can imagine how nice it was to have Lois home again for a couple of days, I'm glad she likes it and wish her a lot of luck in her State Tests. I imagine there must be a lot of seed in that clover if Dad and Fred are fooling with it, how many acres is there? Hickory Nutting, boy that sounds good in away I wish I were there to help. So Carl K. had to register that's one guy I want to see in this Army but not in the Air Corp, in the Infantry I'll bet they will make something out of him, I'd give a months pay to be there when he gets all those shots. I'll bet he'll die. I can just see Dad out there spading you a flower garden, did he do it on his own or did you have to talk him into it? I'm sitting here smoking a cigar yep, I'm a big time operator now with nothing else to do with my money but buy cigars. Speaking of money let me know when you get that money order I sent as I am sweating it out because it's a lot of money to get lost in the mail. Max wrote and told me they were out that Sunday, also said they had very nice time. Say I don't suppose you could send me some unpopped pop corn could you. The guys on the crew including myself are dying for some, we can sneak butter and salt out of the mess hall and we have a nice little stop[crossed out] stove to pop it on, boy I can just taste it now, remember those Tuesday nights in the winter when we would sit there and listen to Fibber McGee and Molly and eat the stuff I don't think it will be to long before I[crossed out] we will be able to do it again. Our little pup is doing fine in fact he is starting to learn how to bark now and is it ever comical to hear, he sure is a riot. I am getting my Staff Sgts. Rating in Nov. you know what that means, more money maybe then I can increase my allotment home each month. Every little bit helps said the Old Lady as she p_____in the ocean. Chuck and I are the only ones left in the tent tonight, two of the others have gone to the show and the other one is out drinking Limey beer some place, he can have it I got sick of it along time ago. I found an advertisement on the Oshkosh four wheel drive plows in a book the other day and have it hanging in the tent here, the guys are always razzing me about me about it, but its my pin up gal and am I proud of it. Well guess I'll close for now. I'll write again soon and you be sure to do the same. All My Love and Kisses Bob (x an extra one for Nancy)
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