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Letter from Albert Ahrens, USS Cyclops, to his brother and family in Oshkosh, WI. August 15, 1917 Dear brother-sisterinlaw-nephews! A few lines to leave you know I am well and got here OK. I felt a little home sick for the ones I left behind, but I will get over this I suppose, but I am so lonesome for my little wife. I was with her for such a long time, but now I miss her very much, but I hope this war will end soon, so I can come home soon again. I wasn't sent to the school yet because their are 5000 men waiting for the winter class to open. There is so many in the Navy now. I never saw the like. I am on the U.S.S. Cyclops; over 600 feet long, the biggest target afloat for a submarine. We are going to South America and France, to carry supplies for ships in South America and troops in France. How is everybody at home? I hope to hear that they are all well. And how are you? I hope the same. Did you see Fred? How is his family? Say john, on my first opportunity for a furlough I am coming home to get married, so you can figure on a sisterinlaw, because it will be easier for to get out of the service then. So stand by, that is if we don't get torpedoed on our trip across, because it will be an awfully costly amount of cargo. but if we do not see each other again, we will see each other some other place. Say, if you get a chance to go to Neenah sometime, run down and see the girl's mother and sister and the girl. They will be glad to see you. Take the family along. Their address is: Miss Rachel Smith 409 West North Water Neenah, Wis. It is easy to find when you get off at Neenah ask some one. Well brother, I haven't any more to write so I will close my letter hoping to hear from you or my goodie little sisterinlaw Sinda. How is she, the little tootsie? I like her so much. How is Johnie and Wallace, the sons? Kisses, best wishes, and regards to all of you and friends. From brother-inlaw and Uncle, Mr Albert G. Ahrens U.S.S. Cyclops c/o P. O. New York
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