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Record 401/678
Letter to Bert Washburn from Sergeant Elmer Bullis, Company C, 150th Machine Gun Battalion, 42nd Division, while in France. Somewhere in France June 9th 1918 Dear Friend Bert & Family. I received your letter of May 19th last night, & to say that I was surprised & also glad to hear from you. Han't worth mentioning. Also glad to hear that you were all well. We are all well as can be expected, with the work we have to do. Our old company has had awful good luck so far. We have been in the trenches 3 times & been on 2 raids & only lost one man. We lost one man just before we came out this time. Paul Fauck was his name. I don't think you know him. He was shot June 3. We gave him as good a funeral as we could. We did not dare all go: only 1 man from each squad were allowed to go. The funeral & burial took place in a little cemetery in sight of the Boche trenches. We put a nice neat fence around his grave & a cross at the head with his name & tag on & hung his helmet on the cross & covered it with flowers of which this country is alive with them. They even grow right up to the trenches. We even got something that crawls & stays right with us, in the trenches & out. They go by the name of Cooties here, but when I used to go into the woods, they used to call them Gray Backs [lice]. Bert, I am so glad you went in to see my family and I wish Maude would go visiting all her extra time. That would take her mind off from me being away. I know she puts in a good many lonely days. But let us pray that this cruel war will soon be over & that we have the good luck to get back home. I have seen all the war I ever want to see & all the country. I would like to have good luck to get back & live my short life with my family. I have been away so much that my children don't hardly know that they have got a Daddy. I tell you Bert, I am one of the proudest old boys in this world, over our new boy. My head has expanded so since I got the word that they had to make another helmet for me. My old one looked like Happy Holligan's tomato can on my head. George Holland sends his regards. He says you & him used to chew the rag quite a lot at Paine's. Pete Stever is well & looks fine. He is one of the best gunners. I tell you Bert, if a fellow could write anything he wanted to, he could write a great book. I feel so sorry for Uncle Albert & family. It seems strange, he used to be such a horse to work & have his health go like that. I would like to know if he got my letter. Tell them I will write another as quick as possible. I can't always write, you know. Well Bert, I will have to close for this time. Hoping you will write often. Don't wait for me to write. My regards to the family & everyone else. Your old friend, Sergeant E. Bullis Co. C, 150th M.G.Bn. P.O. 715 A. E. F.
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