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Two diaries written by Herbert Ralph Granger, Company B, 150th Machinegun Battalion, 42nd Division, during World War I. The diaries begin in February 1918 and end in December 1918. Diary #1 Mon. 2/11/1918 Packed barrack bags Nothing doing weather Nice Tues. 2/12 Turned in B[arracks] bags. Drilled 7 hours. Mail Nice out. Wed. 2/13 Drilled 7 hours. mail & boxes cloudy Thurs. 2/14 On kitchen detail Coffee, sugar and bacon issued for reserve rations rain. Friday. 2/15 Drilled 4 hours. after noon off. Nice. Sat. 2/16 Nothing doing. Nice. Mon. 2/18 Made packs and hiked to Langres 12 kils. Entrain ed at 9 15 P.M. Nice out. Tues. 2/19 Arrived at Moyen. Hiked thru Vallois which was all smashed up Arrived at Giriviller, 10 kilometer Wed. 2/20 Cleaned Streets and drilled Lot of French soldiers buried around there. The Germans had gone thru there in1914 Nice. Thurs. 2/21 Drilled rained to beat the devil. Mud up to our ankles Fri. 2/22 Washingtons birthday. Nothing doing. Had turkey for supper. Sat. 2/23 drilled. rained. Sun. 2/24 Nothing doing. went to Rozilliers Turkey for supper. went on guard. rain Mon. 2/25 On guard. rain. Tues. 2/26 Drilled 7 hrs. rain. Wed. 2/27 Drilled 7 hrs. rain. Thurs. 2/28 Drilled 4 hours. snowed. Fri. 3/1 Drilled 4 hours. snowed. Sat. 3/2 Co. went for walk. Cloudy Sun. [crossed out: Mon.] 3/3 John S. and I went to Rozilliers. Heard of Laurence Fisher and Fred Schroeder dying. Cloudy. Mon. 34 Drilled 7 hours rain and cloudy Tues. 3/5 Cleaned up town a little. Drilled 7 hrs. Nice. Wed. [crossed out: Fri.] 3/6 Put in 6 Hdq. Nice out. Thurs. 3/7 Drilled 7 hrs. Nice out. Fri. 3/8 Drilled 7 hrs. Nice out. Sat. 3/9 Drilled 4 hrs. After noon off. warm. Sun. 3/10 Made packs. Left Giriviller and hiked 3 kilometers which was pretty much smashed up Seen one of the old battle fields of 1914. The graves were thick as hair on a dogs back. Stayed in Frambois. Mond. 3/11 Left Frambois and hiked to Camp New York. 13 kilometers. Seen first Am[erican] soldiers buried from 165th Inf. 66 Had an Am[erican] & French firing squad. And the Bands were Am[erican] & French. All the civilian population of the town also marched. At Camp New York they shot a big Polock whohad deserted 4 times Nice out. went on guard Tues. 3/12 Paid 37 Francs. Nice out. Wed. 3/13 Got up at 4:30 A.M. made packs and started for the trenches arriving there at 7:15 A.M. Ten of us with our reserve guns. Not very heavy firing. Seen three men of the 65th Inf. Carried out. Went in the lines with 200 pistols. issued some later in the day. nice out. Thur. 3/14 Second day in the line usual amount of shooting. warm. Fri. 3/15 Third day in the line. Seen a dugout with 22 men of the 65th Inf. C.C. buried in it. warm. Sat. 3/16 Fourth day in. Mail. 2 boxes from home. warm. Sun. 3/17 Fifth day in. Heavy firing all day. warm. Mond. 3/18 Sixth day in. quiet all day. Mail and boxes warm. Tues. 3/19 Heavy firing all day. Germans try to make a raid but did not succeed. Seventh day in. Cloudy. Wed. 3/20 heavy firing all day. Am[erican] & French made a raid. Ger[man] trenches deserted. Thirty-three our Co[mpany] gassed Most wonderful sight I ever saw just before the raid Eight day in line. rain. Thurs. 3/21 Ninth day in. quiet all day. Nite heavy firing. More men gassed. Fri. 3/22. Relieved at 8 A.M. hiked to Luaneville. Drove mule as Most all the Mule skinners were gassed. Had my leg burned. Nice 10 kilometers Sat. 3/23 Made packs and hiked to Giribiller 20 kilometers Left 66 men in hospital. Warm. Sun. 3/24 Had first bath in two months in a creek. near town. Went over to next town after supper. warm. Mon. 3/25 Mail. Cleaned up town. warm. Tues. 3/26 pack inspection Drilled 1//12 hours. wind cold. Wed. 3/27 Co. went for a walk. Drilled a couple of hours. wind cold. Thur. 3/28 Heard Alvin Bohlsman was dead. He was hit with a piece of shrapnel in right lung and lodged in back of heart. Co[mpany] went for a walk. Cold out. Fri. 3/29 Made packs and hiked to Domptail 10 kilometers rained hard early in the morning and the tents blew down. landed in best quarter we had been in yet. rainy. Sat. 3/30 A squad of men and Lt Smith went to Luneville to bury A. Bohlman. rained packed up again. Sun. 3/31 Easter Sunday. Got up at 4:30 A.M. and made packs hiked 10 kilo. to Bruville. rained all day. Mon. 4/1 rained. Heard that Person Brown, C. Brown and Robert Thill had died. on guard. Tues. 4/2 Heard that Henry Gratton had died. Nothing doing. rain. Wed. 4/3 Nothing doing. Nice out. Mail. Thurs. 4/4 Heard Charlie Rail was dead Nothing doing. nice. Fri. 4/5 Nothing doing. warm. Sat. 4/6 Cleaned up streets. rain. Sun. 4/7 Nothing doing. rain & Cloudy. Mon. 4/8 Nothing doing. Cloudy Mail. Tues. 4/9 Nothing doing. rain. Wed. 4/10 target practice. drilled. sunny. Thurs. 4/11 Made packs and hiked to Gelacourt. 2 kilometers. Nice out. Fri. 4/12 Drilled 3 hours. on guard. Sun. 4/14 Went to baccarat. heard first band in 6 month. rained at nite. Mon. 4/15 Nothing doing. rain. Tues. 4/16 Nothing doing. rain. Wed. 4/17 Made packs and hiked to Badameil 5 kilometers. Nice. Thurs. 4/18 Cleaned streets. Not much doing. Nice. Fri. 4/19 Co. went for a walk went to Baccarat at nite. rained. Sat. 4/20 Co. took walk. had gas drill. rain. Sun. 4/21 Inspection of equipment. rain. Mon. 4/22 Co. went for a walk. Mail. tried out the Guns rain. Tues. 4/23 Co. went for a walk. not much doing. rain. Wed. 4/24 made packs and left at P.M. hiked 8 kilo. to Merviller. Billets had bunks and electric lites in. rained. went on guard. Thurs. 4/25 did work in general around town. nice out. Fri. 4/26 bucked wood for 8 hours. at Brig. Hqds. Nice out. Sat. 4/27 Made packs and hiked to Reheney 3 kilo. Left at 8 P.M. Mail on guard. Nice. Sun. 4/28 rain. Band concert in after noon. Y[MCA] Show at nite. two girls and a man. Mon. 4/29 rain. Nothing doing. Tues. 4/30 Made packs and hiked to Montigny. 3 kilo Co. came at nite rained. Wed. 5/1 heavy firing all day and nite. nice out. Thurs. 5/2 Putting up barb wire entanglements. heavy firing nice out. Fri. 5/3 Am. Made raid about 4 A.M. went thru all three of the German lines. Putting up wire again.Warm. Sat. 5/4 Broke stone on side of road near Reherry for 8 hrs. On guard. warm. Sun. 5/5 Cleaned up town in Morning. rained. Mon. 5/6 Put up barb wire again. On guard. warm. Tues. 5/7 Mail from home telling about the wounded list from the Co. Made packs and went into the trenches 2nd time. rained all the time and so dark that you could not see your hand ahead of you. Mud was ankle deep. Dam near broke our necks going down the trenches. The dug out leaked like the devil. About six inches of water in the joint. Every time the guard went on they had to pump it out. Wed. 5/8 First day in. Not much doing. rained almost all day. Thurs. 5/9 Second day in. quiet all day. cloudy. Fri. 5/10 Third day in. quiet nothing doing. warm. dried out our blankets. Sat. 5/11 Fourth day in. Our Gun helped bring down a German plane. Not much doing. Nice out. Inf. captured a Ger. who was 66 years old and wanted to go back and get his brother who was 68. Sun. 5/12 Mother's Day. All Am. soldiers are supposed to write to their Mother. Fifth day in. Not much doing. rain. Mon. 5/13 Sixth day in. Heard that Germans were going to make a raid. Was already to receive them Each gun had 30,000 rounds piled up around it but they never came. Cloudy. Tues. 5/14 Seventh day in. Nothing doing. rain. Wed. 5/15 Relieved at 1 A.M. by 66th. hiked to Bruville. Got in at 3.30 A.M. Every body all in as there was only five men to stand all the guard. Stood too. from 4 to 5 A.M. and 7 to 8 P.M. Every body slept all day. sunny. Paid 37 Francs. Thurs. 5/16 Took a bath and had our clothes sterlized. warm. Mail. Fri. 5/17 Nothing doing. some doctor examied all of us. French moving pictures warm. Sat. 5/18 Not Much doing, hot. Sun. 5/19 went to Baccarat nice. Mon. 5/20 Nothing doing. warm. Tues. 5/21 Nothing doing. warm. Wed. 5/22 Made packs and left for Gas school at Backarat. turned in Blanket tick, overcoat and boots. Was given oil skin pants rubber coat, Goves and hat. Stayed in an old Chateau by the side of the River. A very pretty place. hotter than the devil. Thurs. 5/23 lecture in Morning drilled in afternoon. The 149th G.A. band gave a very good [crossed out: lectur] concert in the theater. hot. Fri. 5/24 Nothing doing in morning, lecture in after noon. left for Co again. Sat. 5/25 Inspection of equipment. Mail a very good speaker at the Y. Sun. 5/26 Co was lined up and given permission to wear wound shevron from gas. Nice out. Mon. 527 German plane brought down just out side of Reherry on fire. One man was burned to death the other one jumping. He landed on a fence post and was killed. Went over to Montigny and covered up gas shell holes. warm. Tues. 5/28 Drill. Gas lecture and Gas drill. Mail. Nice out. Wed. 5/29 Gas alarm at 1:30 A.M. until 2:00 a.m. Drilled. bath in after noon. Divisional Inspector was around. nice out. Thurs. 5/30 Nothing doing. Base ball lecture in Baccarat. The 166th Reg. Band played at nite. A frenchman who was born in Germany made a speech. The first time the Marsalse was played or sung was in his grand fathers house. Big time in the barn. Fri. 5/31 Drill and lecture. Nice out. Sat. 6/1 Inspection of equipment. Moving pictures at barrades Nice out. Sun. 6/2 Nothing doing. Five American Girls gave a readings and sang songs. they were very good. Nice out. Mon. 6/3 Went over to 3rd Bn of 165th to learn how to read maps and make observations. Nice out. Tues. 6/4 Over to 3rd. Bn. again at Barracks. Nice out. Wed. 6/5 Made packs and hiked 10 kilo to range. slept in pup tents. cold as the devil. Thurs. 6/6 Co. on range untile 4 P.M. and then hiked back 10 kilo. Nice out. Fri. 6/7 Nothing doing. sick. warm. Sat. 6/8 Inspection of equipment warm. pick Sun. 6/9 Mail. sick. Got orders to report at 3rd Bn. at 8:30 A.M. Mon. with packs. Nice Mon. 6/10 Drew map of wards we had to go Ate dinner enney with 165th. Met two fellows from the post who showed up the way to the post. rained all day. We could see German trucks and soldiers drilling nine kilometers back of their lines. On duty from 6 to 9 P.M. Tues. 6/11 On duty from 6 to 9 A.M. and same at Nite foggy. Cool. Wed. 6/12 On post from 6 to 9 A.M. Foggy not much movement. warm. Thurs. 6/13 On post from 6 to 9 A.M. Al. and I went over to Co. in afternoon. Y. man was up for supper who had been over here since 1914. He was very interesting hot Fri. 6/14 On post from 2 to 3 A.M. and P.M. seen three platoons of Germans drilling just out side of Cirey. Nice. Sat. 6/15 Seen a co. of Germans coming out of Petitmont. Left for Co. dam. Sun. 6/16 Base ball team from Co. played Co. M. 165th 6-4 N.Y. rained a little was given credit for 20 days in lines. One year in Co. E. Mon. 6/17 Nothing doing rain. Tues. 6/18 Made packs and left Bruville at 9:40 P.M. Hiked 27 kilometers to Romont. Went thru Baccarrat and Menil. Nice. Wed. 6/19 Arrived at Romont at 5 A.M. Slept all day. Nice. Thurs. 6/20 Co. took a walk and manouvers. rain. Fri. 6/21 Went for a hike heavy marching order. rain. Sat. 6/22 Went for a hike. received orders to move. Nice. Sun. 6/23 Made packs and hiked to Hardigny 11 kilometers in two hour. Stayed there untile 7 P.M. Hiked to Chetal 6 kilometers, Y. served hot choclate to every one. nice. Mon. 6/24 entrained at 300 A.M. Went thru Nancy, Toul, Neufchateau, Gondrecourt Ligny, Bar Le Duc. Hot coffee with Rum in it was given us at noon. Got of train at 4 P.M. Had supper and hiked 12 kilo to Togny. A big Am bombing plane flew over us about 50 ft. with four men in it. very nice. Tues. 6/25 Paid 37 Francs. Every body was celebrating for fair. Some were fishing and swimming. Nice. Wed. 6/26 Nothing doing. Mail Nice. Thurs. 6/27 Nothing doing. Nice. Fri. 6/28 Took bath. nothing doing. Received orders at 8 P.M. Left at 9:15 P.M. hiked 72 kilometers nice. Sat. 6/29 Got in at 6:00 A.M. Everybody slept all day. Nice. Sun. 6/30 Nothing doing. Mail. Nice. Mon. 7/1 Nothing doing. nice. Tues. 7/2 Manouvers strung telephone wire, Made packs and on the alert. Nothing doing. Nice. Wed. 7/3 Hiked 6 kilometers and then had manouvers on guard. Received orders at 9:45 P.M. to move. Thurs. 7/4 Left at 12:45 A.M. hiked 8 Miles to the Snippies Farm. Slept under a wagon all day. Left at 8:45 for trenches hiked about 5 kilo to our positions on reserve. Had a dug out about a half a mile long and 40 feet deep. Was part of an old chalk mine. Nice. Fri. 7/5 First day in. nothing doing. slept all day. Meals were served at 2:45 A.M. and 9 P.M. Nice. Sat. 7/6 Second day in. nothing doing. Mail. Nice. Sun. 7/7 third day in. nothing doing. Nice. Mon. 7/8 Fourth day in. Nothing doing. Nice. Tues. 7/9 Fifth day in. Nothing doing. Nice. Wed. 7/10 Sixth day in. Nothing doing. Heard Russia had re entered the war. Nice. Thur. 7/11 Seventh day in. nothing doing. cloudy. Fri. 7/12 Eight day in nothing doing. cloudy. Had sourkraut and weiners. Sat. 7/13 Ninth day in. Heavy artillery firing all day. cloudy. Sun. 7/14 Teneth day in. Heavy artillery firing all day cloudy. Mon. 7/15 12 A.M. Germans sent over one of the heavest barrages for twelve hours we were ever thru Germans left trenches at 1 A.M. tried to come across ten times. They all had their packs and rations just as if they were going to stay. All of our lines held. They made three direct hits on our dug out but it only jarred out the candle. Eleventh day in. [crossed out: One year in Co E.] Nice. Was mustered into Federal service 1 year ago. Tues. 7/16 Twelveth day in. Every thing quiet. German loss was over 6000 nice. Wed. 7/17 Thirteenth day in. quiet Mail. [crossed out: Nice] rain. Thurs. 7/18 Fourteenth day in. quiet. Expected to go in front line. Cloudy. Fri. 7/19 Received orders at 12:30 A.M. to return to Vadney. at once. Hiked about 10 kilo. two German planes followed all the way in. nice. Sat. 7/20. Nothing doing. mail. Nice. Sun. 7/21 Received orders to move. Hiked three kilometer to St. Hilaire. German plane dropped bombs all around Vadaney before we left. Mon. 7/22 Entrained at 12:30 A.M. German plane bombed train and burned depot 20 wounded and 1 killed. Thot all hell had broke loose. Pulled out at 3:45 A.M. with half the Co. the other half being left behind in the fields and dug outs. The depot agent also got killed. Went thru Chalons, Vitry La France, St. Digier, Troyes, and out skirts of Paris. Tues. 7/23 Arrived at [ ] at 4 A.M. Hiked 1 1/2 kilo. to a little town stayed out again at [ ] P.M. and hiked 32 kilometers landed in an old farm house just out side of the Fert. hot. Wed. 24 Nothing doing. rest of Co. came in what was left behind. Casuals came in Nice. Thurs. 7/25 made packs and hiked 2 kilometers. Got on trucks and rode about 35 kilo. Went thru Vaux which did not have a wall ten feet high left. We went thru Chateu Tierrie which was not smashed up very much. After we got off trucks we hiked about 1 1/2 kilo. German equipment was laying all over. nice out. Fri. 7/26 Nothing doing rain. Sat. 7/27 Moved up at 12:30 A.M. about 6 kilometers and took up positions in woods. Had my pack and everything else & [ ] stolen. Moved up again at 4 P.M. about 8 kilo First platoon went in to protect right flank just out side of Fere en Gardenois. We were in One end of the wheat field and Germans in the other end. rained to beat hell. Sun. 7/28 Went over the top for the first time with the 2nd Section of the first platoon. There was no artillery preperation at all. Drove the Germans for 1 1/2 kilo. Our own artillery was falling short and killing our own men. German M.G. thicker than the devil. The first section was almost wiped out. Seig Halfman, Corp Gravingskin, Pvt. Cramp, Zenzs, Novendorf, McClain being killed. Those being wounded were Corp. J. Washbush, Pvt. Eagon, Schieback and about a dozen and a half more. Was reported missing in action. Only two men in the first section that was not killed or wounded. air planes chased Liet Ames, Corp Kramer and myself for a half a mile shooting at us. The German planes were shooting the wounded laying on strechers. Believe me it was all the hell any body wanted. Nice out - rest of the Co. went out. Mon. 7/29 Corp. A.Washbush was wounded and one private. The three of us crawled on our hands and knees for a half mile in the ditch. B. Doughtery captures the first prisoner. They bonbarded us all nite and all day. Serg. Drier and my self laid in a hole all day. That end was coming any minute. Every body about crazy. They sent over H.E. Gas. shrapnel. Lt Ames and myself was chased all over a sugar beet field. Was relieved about 9 P.M. Hiked about 8 kilo to the rest of the Co. Had a warm lunch which tasted the best any thing had. We had pea, potatoes coffee, bread. The way many was killed and wounded was something awfull. 4 Div. Relieved us Tues. 7/30 Nothing doing slept all day met Walter Watson who was stationed a little ways from us. Nice. About half the Co. was left. Wed. 7/31 Nothing doing. nice. Thurs. 8/1 Received orders to go in again. Rained. Fri. 8/2 Went in at 1 A.M. Got lost from Co. and reported to Lt. Behrend at the Chateau. Co. drove Germans for 7 kilo. not much doing rained all day. Co. relieved at 12 A.M. on reserve. Sat. 8/3 Slept all day. mail rained. Went over to 3rd 165 Bn. Hqds about 5 kilo. away Sun. 8/4 Nothing doing. rained Co. moved to where the 165 Inf. was located. Mon. 8/5 Nothing doing. rain. Mail. Tues. 8/6 landed in Camp Duglas one year ago. Nothing doing rain. Wed. 8/7 Nothing doing. Cloudy. Thurs. 8/8 Nothing doing mail. Cloudy. Fri. 8/9 Nothing doing Cloudy ma[] Sat. 8/10 Co. played games and had excercises. Nice out. Sun. 8/11 Paid 37 Francs. Made packs and hiked 20 kilo. camped 2 kilo from chatea[] Thiery. Went into town at Nite. Nice. Mon. 8/12 Made packs and hiked 14 kilo. Coupru. After supper was sent on billetdetail to Villers sur Marne. 6 kilo. Slept in bed first time in a year. Tues. 8/13 Co. Came in. Had some Am. Chocolates which were very good. nice. Wed. 8/14 Cleaned Ammunition and carts nice. Thurs. 8/15 Went swimming in the Marne. filled clips. nice. Fri. 8/16 Cleaned up. nice. Sat. 8/.17 Made packs and hiked to Chateau Tierry 16 kilo. Entrained at 10:30 P.M. Nice. Sun. 8/18 Went went thru Chalons, Chaumont Langres unloaded at Damblain. Went on billet detail to Vrecourt. Best place we were ever in. Am. and French restraunt nice out. Mon. 8/19 Co. took a nice warm bath first one in a long time. Nice out. Tues. 8/20 Nothing doing nice - Wed. 8/20 Nothing doing hot. Thurs. 8/22 Drilled 6 hrs. Hot as the devil. Fri. 8/23 Drilled 7 hrs. Hot. mail Received orders to go to signal school. Sat. 8/24 Paid 37 Francs. made packs. Seven of us from the Co. went in trucks to St. Thiebault. rain. slept in pup tents Sun. 8/25 23 years old. went over to Bourmont. nice out. Mon. 8/26 School started and finished the same day. Lectures all day. Went back in trucks. nice out. Tues. 8/27 went on range. took a bath. went on guard. nice out. Wed. 8/28 On guard. Received order to move. moved at nite hiked 10 kilo. [crossed out: nice] rain. Thurs. 8/29 Slept all day in plum orchard. Made packs and hiked 8 kilo. nice. Fri. 8/30 Landed in Viocourt in plum orchard. Moved casuals come in from Wisc. & Mich Sat. 8/31 not much doing. nice. Sun. 9/1 Nothing doing. Nice. Mon. 9/2 drilled a little while. nice Tues. 9/3 Had a good wak. Left for Camp Mills on year ago. Not much doing. nice. Wed. 9/4 On range received orders to move. Mail. Hot. Hiked 18 kilo. Thurs. 9/5 awfull slow hiking. rained all morning. Left at 8:30 P.M. 18 kilo. Fri. 9/6 Arrived at Barsily. rain Mail. slept all day. Sat. 9/7 Geo. G. and I went over to the avaition field. Received orders to move. Left at 9 P.M. so dark that you could not see your hand ahead of you. wagons, trucks, motor cars and kitchens in the ditch. rained to beat the devil. Sun. 9/8 Landed in Choloy 18 kilo moved again at nite. dark and raining like the devil. Had to hike 10 kilo. extra because the roads were blocked. Mon. 9/9 Landed in the woods. hiked 22 kilo. slepted all day. rained moved again at nite. 7 kilo. towards front. Tues. 9/10 Nothing doing rain. Wed. 9/11 Nothing doing. rained Mail. started for trenches. hiked about 2 kilo. Got lost from Co. when they went in. Thurs. 9/12 artillery barrage started at 1 A.M. The guns were lined up hub to hub. We put [crossed out: of] over a Machine Gun barrage at 5:15 A.M. and went over to the top at 5:30 A.M. The airplanes and tanks did some great work. Found Co. in morning about 6 A.M. Serg. Drier & Mohr get second prisoner. The Ger. did not put up any fight at all they all give them selves up very gladly. Drove them back 10 or 12 kilometers at Pannes they left their loaded wagons and beat it. The Am. got all the ciggerettes and clothing they wanted. Every body was wearing German shoes, overcoats, leggins and blankets. slept in a shell hole with Lester. On the side of a hill. colder than the devil. Fri. 9/13 Drove the Ger. about 6 kilo. had to hike back to Pannes and then back up to St. Benoit slept in a ditch just out side of the town. Nice. Sat. 9/14 Stayed in St. Benoit. We cooked up a [ ] out of the stuff the Germans had planted. We had carrots, spuds, cabbage, corn willy. Kitchen came up in middle of after noon. Billy Duca captured five Ger. in a shell hole. The Germ. burned the Church school and several factories down before they left. Almost every one had a bunch of Ger. blankets. nice out. Sun. 9/15 Dug in in the evening. not much firing nice. Mon. 9/16 Nothing doing nice out Mail Tues. 9/17 Not much doing. Was relieved about 4 P.M. and hiked about 15 kilo. landed in woods. rained at nite. Wed. 9/18 Hit Am. Red Cross in town. They gave out Hot Chocolate Jam and bread. String wire from Bn. to. Brig. Hqd. about 3 kilo. mail. Nice out. Thurs. 9/19 went on salvaging detail. not much doing. rain. Fri. 9/20 Cloudy. Bn. signal work not much doing. Sat. 9/21 Cloudy signal work not much doing Sun. 9/22 school in morning. not much doing. rain Mon. 9/23 School. Not much doing. rain. Tues. 9/24 school Co. Drilled not much doing. nice out. Wed. 9/25 School Co. Drilled. Not much doing. Nice out. Thurs. 9/26 On alert for 6 hrs. moved back to our little home. rained & cloudy. Fri. 9/27 Left for trenches at 2 P.M. landed in woods from between Benny & St. Benoit. Moved up at 11 P.M. just out side of St. Benoit. Nice out. Sat. 9/28 Dug a hole with fire place in every thing quiet. nice out. Sun. 9/29 Every thing quiet. 66 Inf. One man killed and 4 wounded. A Co. 150th kitchen and water cart blowed up. Mail. Mon. 9/30 Cold and rain. Heavy firing towards evening. Tues. 10/1 Relieved at 4 A.M. by the 89th Div. things pretty warm. Bill Sico got killed in town. Hiked 8 kilo. to woods. Had breakfast and slept until 12:30 A.M.. Left at 1 P.M. and hiked 11 kilo. Had supper and got in truck and rode all nite. Wed. 10/2 rode until 9 A.M. and then hiked 6 kilo. to barracks in woods. First news of Bulgaria peace terms and of the big drive. Thurs. 10.3 nothing doing. cloudy. Fri. 10/4 made packs and hiked 30 kilo. went thru St. Andie & Ippcourt Cool. Sat. 10/5 Made packs and hiked 20 kilo. in 12 1/2 hrs. Went thru Avocourt & Brocourt. which were pretty well shot up. We met Fred Fenner 29 Div. now 2nd Lt. and Major Hall in the 35th Div. alanded in woods. Sun. 10/6 not much doing. met a bunch of Co. M. boys. all looked fine. had some time with them Nice out. Mon. 10/7 Cool. Had supper at Co. M. and had a good time with the bunch. Tues. 10/8 made packs and on alert for 3 hours. Mail. cloudy. Wed. 10/9 On alert all day. mail. Cool. 32-91 & 1 Div. drove we were Army reserve. Thur. 10/10 On alert all day. Left at 9 P.M. Hiked 12 kilo. traffic heavy. cool. Fri. 10/11 Arrived at 8 A.M. Slept on side of hill. A great many A.M. were buried around here - Slept until 1 P.M. made packs and hiked 6 kilo. on support Slept in Woods. nice. Sat. 10/12 Not much firing. Heard the kaiser had quit. nice. Sun. 10/13 not much doing. Mail. cloudy. Seen Several Germans what was left of them hanging on the trees and bushes around where we were. Bill Doughtery and my self started out at 11 P.M. to find the 165 M.G. shells were landing pretty thick and dark as the devil. Got back at 2 A.M. Mon. 10/14 Advanced about 3 kilo and put over barrage. seen quite a few dead Americans. Lost my helmet and wore a German one. Germans got our range before we had fired eight clips. Jeske killed a piece shapnel went [crossed out [ ] ] thru head. Jim Managan serg. A. Washbush serg wounded and about a dozen and a half gassed. Machine Gun bullets pretty thick after we went over advanced about a kilometer. Slept in an old river bed. Nice out. Tues. 10/15 Earl Doty and Woods had their both feet blowed off. Had 63 men when we went over the top and came out with 26 A. Drier A. Lange Grashback killed A. Welling Wind Goodman, Clark, Hintz, [ ] wounded. Also Lt. Ammes we went over at 7:30 P.M. M.G. fire was so dam hot that a mosquito wasn't safe. The Ger. using explosive bullets. We only advanced a couple of hundred yards. in front of [ ] I laid in a shell hole for 12 hours. The [ ] was relieved and left me was chalked up missing in action. in the shell hole. The dam Ger. bored a hole in the opposite side of the shell hole with their M.G. and they were not a bit bashful about using up their big ammunition. Lots of gas. Was taken to hospital. They gave me some stuff for the gas. Laid in cellar at Somrance. The Ger. were caving in the buildings on all sides of us. raining to beat the devil. The Am. made a raid in the morning but got nothing but the devil knocked out of them. Wed. 10/16 Started out to find the Co. Found them about 3 oclock. When I got in they gave me two cups of hot chocolate. and a package of cookies which was the best in one awful long time. Was sicker than the devil. rained hard. Every body was all in Thur. 10/17 Nothing doing. laid in the hole all day a sick boy. rained. Heard Guy Gross was dead. He was gassed and they would not accept in the hospital. Fri. 10/18 Moved up to the hill where we fired the barrage from in front of [ ]ermont. We dug in and waited for the worst to come. Sat. 10/19 1 year ago we left for France The Germans had regular hours for shelling us. 4:30 to 5:30 A.M. about 11:30 to 12:20 from 4:00 to 5:30 P.M. and from 10 to 11 P.M. every day. Had two meals a day at 8 A.M. and 3 P.M. rained. Sun. 10/20 not much doing. rain. Mon. 10/21 Not much doing mail Nice. Tues. 10/22 Nothing doing. Mail nice. Wed. 10/23 Nothing doing. Cool. Thur. 10/24 Nothing doing. Nice. Fri. 10/25 Nothing doing. cool. Sat. 10/26 Nothing doing. nice quite a few planes around. Sun. 10/27 Heavy firing a shell exploded just above W. Hathaway hole and smashed him up so bad that he died on the way to the hospital. nice. Mon. 10/28 shelled us again to beat hell. Pollard's hole was sawed in and he was killed. nice out. Tues. 10/29 Jake Shilling's hole was caved in about 4:30 A.M. but he was dug out in time. not much doing. nice. Wed. 10/30 Cold. Mail. letter telling about Edith being married. Not much doing. Thurs. 10/31 Not much ding. nice. Fri. 11/1 Big barrage started at 2:30 A.M. About 200 Machine Guns and three Brig. artillery. Our guns fired about 5000 rounds on the average. The 6 marines went over the top and went thru Seen about 2000 prisoners come in. Most of them seemed very happy. Went back about a kilo and had breakfast and then we went back 5 kilos and got all new cloths Serg. Moquin was back from the hospital. We had some time. Hill 272 The Am. captured about 200 big guns and gained about 10 kilo overcoats issued. pitched pup tents. Sat. 11/2 nothing doing. rained. mail. Sun. 11/3 Got up at 340 and made packs. Left at 6 A.M. Was given a wheel to take care of. It was one hell of a mess as we were going cross lots over ploughed fields and the mud was ankle deep. Porky D. broke the wheel and had to carry it for 6 kilo made 16 kilo. got in at 9 P.M. It rained from 5 P.M. on pitched pup tents in Carrot patch made bed out of German ammunition cases. Mon. 11/4 Got up at 7 and made packs. Went thru several town what had white flags flying over them. slept on side of hill. got in at 7 P.M. 16 kilo. Bridges were blown out all the way along. The rail road tracks were smashed about every 30 feet first on one side and then the other. nice out was shelled out of Brieullies Tues. 11/5 Got up at 7 and started out again. Ever thing was blowed up along the road One bridge there was not a stone left with in 50 yards of the place. Seen a German grave yard. All noncoms and officers had a cross over them with a roof over the top. The pri were all numbered. The road just out side of Brieullico was mined in thirteen different places. Holes were about 30 to 40 feet deep. went in line and started to drive. Drove 4 kilo. A shell landed about 10 feet ahead of me killed 4 A Co. men. slept on side of hill. rained to beat hell. About 2 in. of water in my shoes from wading creeks where bridges were blowed out. Wed. 11/6 Made packs and started to drive again. Had a cold breakfast. Built a bridge to get across a creek that the Ger. blew up the nite before. When we got into Chemin they gave us hot coffee & chocolate At one time in the afternoon part of us was ahead of the assulting Bn. nice out slept in woods. advanced about 11 kilo. Thurs 11/7 Made packs and started out again. German M.G. fire held us up for a couple of hours. The hills were so steep that you cwould need a pair of pole coimers to hold on with. The French artillery was shooting short and a bunch of us up ahead had some excitement for a [crossed out: [ ] ] while. A shell landed right in the middle of the 165th and got 13 men. was about 20 feet away from them. part of Co [ ] just outside of Chairmont sur Muese. I went with 2nd platoon over the hill and on down to the Muese River just out side of Sedan. The M.G. bullets were flying pretty thick that nite besides the artillery fire. Only one of our men was wounded. We never got into our positions the French relieved us. We got lost going out as our map run out Finally landid in Bolsum. Slept in a barn. Nice out. every body all in. None of the towns were shot up very bad. Most of them were flying white flags a good many never had a shot put in them. Fri. 11/8 I satrted out to find the Co. Find them about 9 A.M. Had first warm meal in four days. Co. came out about 8 A.M. Hiked back 5 kilo. and slept in woods. Mail Nice out. Most welcome thing in a long while was a pair of home knit socks. Sat. 11/9 made packs and started out again. hiked 15 kilo. slept in barn in Pettiet Armosies nice out. Sun. 11/10 made packs and started out again. Went thru Bruellies. Hikes 15 kilo. slept in barn in Fontenois. nice out. Had 3 meal in one day first time in 2 mo. Mon. 11/11 Made packs and started out again. Hiked 10 kilo. Went thru Buganzy. Had a good room in TThenorges. The armistice was signed that day. Never knew any thing about the armistice until 10 oclock that morning. some celebration that nite. nice out. Tues. 11/12 nothing doing nice out. [crossed out: Wed. 11/12] was made a corp. Wed. 11/13 In the morning Co. went on salvage detail. Received orders to move at noon. 2 oclock we pulled out. hike 9 kilo to Landres St. George just out side on side of hill. Paid 34 France Aug. pay. 2 1/2 F. taken out for reserve rations we had ate. Every body still celebrating. Nice out. Thurs. 11/14 nothing doing. washed carts in creek. colder than the devil. Fri. 11/15 nothing doing. colder than the devil. mail. Sat. 11/16 made packs and was on our wearry way. Was carrying two blankets and full equipment. hiked 10 kilometers Slept in a German stockade in Clery Petit colder than the devil. nice out. Sun. 11/17 Made packs and hiked 14 kilo. Stayed in German barracks just out side of Steney. Found large ware house with all kinds of potatoes saurkraut. nice out cool. Mon. 11/18 Cleaned up around the barracks. nice out. Tues. 11/19 Had charge of detail from our Bn. to clean up around the 90 [ ] barracks. mail. nice. Wed. 11/20 Made packs and hiked 21 kilo wore a pair of new shoes and knocked my feet to hell for fair Slept in house. Seen a church a couple of hundred of years old where the Germans had kept their horses. Thur. 11/21 made packs and hiked 22 kilo. Crossed the border into Belgium at Limes The 165th band played as our Brig. crossed the line. Crossed at 11:20 A.M. Feet went to hell and was put in ambulance for rest of way about 5 kilo Landed in Fratin Slept in the parlor of a house They had Xmas trees all decorated up in all the towns and signs hung up "Long live the Allies." "Hurray for the Americans" and several others. nice. Fri. 11/22 Made packs and hiked 20 kilo. slept in hay mow in Lischert. In going thru the towns the people fired guns, rang church bells, yelled and celevated for fair. In one place 2 [crossed out: two] old fellows came out with the Beguim and Am. flags and marched ahead of the Bn. all the way thru town. All the people were very happy nice out. Sat. 11/23 Made packs and hiked 25 kilo. landed in Bolvange. Every body all in. Slept in hay mow. Chilly. Sun. 11/24 Nothing doing. Every one Suppose to write to their Dad. [crossed out: Got acquinted] Met a very nice Ger. lady who made us a really home while we were there. Cold. Mon. 11/25 Nothing doing. Had first piece of pie in Europe. and it was a dandy. Cold. Tues. 11/26 went to Luxemberg with Leo M. Had a very good time. had cake & candy Every thing cost [crossed out: ed] to beat the devil. Met a fellow from there who use to live in Appleton. Seen the palace where the Dutchess lives when she is in town. Seven of us was given passes. rained. Wed. 11/27 Made packs and started to move but got turned back to the old town again. Cleaned up guns and equipment. rain. Thurs. 11/28 Thanks giving day. Every one very thankfull that they were alive Had corn willy in place of [crossed out: corn] turkey The lady gave us a apple pie. rain. Fri. 11/29 Drilled 4 hours. nice out. Sat. 11/30 Had first bath since the Middle of Aug. mail nice out. Sun. [crossed out: 11/30] 12/11 made packs and started on our weary way again. hiked 18 kilo. landed in Fischbach. slept in bowling alley. nice. Mon. 12/2 made packs and hiked 18 kilo. Hills were pretty steep and long. landed in Beaufort. Slept in dining room. There was an old castle about five or six hundred years old. Most of it was in ruins. nice. Tues. 12/3 Made packs and hiked 22 kilo. Move hills than there was level land. It was a hell of a climb. Landed in Peffingen. Slept in hay mow rainy on guard. Crossed in to Germany at Bollendorf. at 10 A.M. All the Germ. people treated us very good. The river Saur was the border line nice out. Wed. 12/4 nothing doing. cleaned guns. rainy. Thurs. 12/5/18 made packs and hiked 20 kilo. landed in Ehling slept in hay mow. cloudy. Fri. 12/6 Made packs and hiked 32 kilo. Every body all in even the mules were draging their legs. landed in Bridesheim cloudy slept in parlor. Sat. 12/7 Made packs and hiked 18 kilo. landed in Lammersdorg. Slept in a dance hall. Cloudy. Sun. 12/8 Made packs and hiked 20 kilo landed in Adelhoven slept in hay mow. nice out. Mon. 12/9 Hiked 20 kilo. landed in Nederadenau. Slept in hay mow. rainy. Tues. 12/10 nothing doing. cloudy.
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