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Notebook from the "Continental" clothing store in Oshkosh, used by Sergeant Frank Obersteiner, Company C, 150th Machinegun Battalion, 42nd Division,. It contains notes on combat: "Patrols In sending out a patrol select your men first then examine ammunition and arms. For reconnoitring about 4 or 5 men is sufficient. One is sent out on a point, 1 as right and left flanks, on as rear observer. When it is necessary to cross open ground always make it at the double-time and expose yourselves as little as possible. A reconnoitring patrol is sent out for information and should not fire upon any opposing patrols. Combining patrols, one is sent out for the purpose of attracting their attention by sparring fire or any way of attack." There are also lists of soldiers assigned to patrols and other duties. Another note describes: "July 7 Started at 7:30 proceeding on the road to trench sector north west, one man proceeded to [illegible] for observation. Proceeded west and deployed, and over until we reached fence [illegible] 200 yards south of [illegible] road and proceeded along under brush toward west of opening at 300 yards, south east of farm, white farm house a trench for 8 men overlooking south side of opening north west of Company D. Barb wire fence ran east & west 800 yards of road directly west of road from house. Noticed foot prints of spikes on shoes and proceeded to Company D." The balance contains list of names, pay, and addresses of soldiers.
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