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Letter to Elanor Suess, sister, from Private Otto Suess, Company C, 150th Machine Gun Battalion. He discusses: attending Mass; cold weather; sleeping outdoors; air raids; and blackouts. Some where in France 8/27/18 Dearest Sister: Now that I have a moment's time, thought I would write a few lines to let you know how I feel. I am not feeling very good but I have to make the best of it. I was to church Sunday and I also went to communion. Gee it sounded fine to here the chimes of the church bells, for it was a long time before we heard the sound of them, so you can see what we was up against for a long time but I think it won't be long before we will miss these chimes again. The weather over here is getting colder, the nights are awful cool and besides we have to sleep out side in the damp ground no straw to sleep on, mornings when you get up you have to twist every way to get your bones back in place. Well as long as we don't get it any worse I guess we can stand it all right. The wind is blowing rather hard just like a fall night at home when you sat inside with everything closed and you can hear the wind howl and shake the windows. Gee, then I wish I had my feet under the table. I am writing this letter by candle light, it seems rather nice to have a candle burning around these places where we were station at for a long time we didn't dare to have a light on account of air raids and when you hear these Bock planes drop these bombs you would think everything was going to pieces. Well, Ella I will have to close soon for my candle light is getting rather dim so give my heartiest regards and sincere wishes to all the family & neighbors. With Love & Kisses From Bro. Otto P.S. That little slip that I have enclosed in this envelope, save that for me. Otto.
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