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Eleven pages of notes documenting the movements and activities of his unit by Private Otto Suess, Company C, 150th Machine Gun Battalion. Notes of the trip from the World War 1917 to 1919 We left Orcenaux Wed. at 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 19th for Langres where we rode on rail in side door Pullmans we went through some of these places that we made on the hike. On rail we went through the following places, Rolanpont, Fonlin, Chaumont, Neufchataeu, Lunville, G____Court, Blainville, ____(illegible) we were all froze when we arrived Thur. At 4:00 a.m. Feb. 21st. This is as far as station from here we walked to Vellos, Sarenville these two places were bombed, we see a lot of trenches as we went through to (illegible) where we stayed. I went out and took in the sight of the battlefield where there was a great fight in the starting of the war. The German's held this for 4 days, there were graves all around this place. We left Girnville on 25th and went back to Mayon; this was quite a place we see the first picture since we left the state. We left Mayon on the 3rd of March and as we passed through some of the places we see how everything was with barb wire entanglements and the roads were all camouflaged with brush this was about a mile from B_____, this was the place were we stayed until we left for the trenches we were about 2 miles from the line where you could see the airplanes the way they were being fired upon when they were out scouting. We left on Sat. night the 9th to make a raid on the Hun's there were 6 squads of us the shrapnel's were all around us we left that night, back to the camps again at 10:30 we stayed there until Tuesday night the 12th March when we relieved the 149 M.G.Bn. we stayed there at B____ till Friday 20th of March when the French relieved us, we went back to B_____and we stayed there for the night we left at 11 a.m. and hiked to St. Celenens where we laid over for the night of the 21st you could see all the way to St. Clements where they had trenches where the Huns were. We left St. Clements on Sat. the 22nd at 8 o'clock. These are the places we went through Lathimenih, Mayon, Vallois, S____ to G____ we arrived at 2 p.m. we stayed over on Sunday and we left G____ on Good Friday the 29th and we went through Mattexey, Magnieres, St. Pirremont and we stayed at Domptail till Easter Sunday: We left Domptail on the 31st and went through A______and layed over in Brownville. We left Brownville on April 11th and went to the trenches as airplane fight reserves at Midgeville; we left Midgeville on April 18 and arrived at Ancerville the same day. Left Ancerville the 24th and arrived at B______ the same day. We left B____on May 2nd to be in a raid, this rail lasted 3 hours, the shells were hitting all a round us we got back to B____on May 3rd and laid over there until May 14th then we left for R____and stayed there for reserve. On the 20th they detailed me to Battalion Headquarters for shoe repairing this was in the village M____. I left M---- on June 11th and went back to the Co. at M____for duty in the trenches. Left M____on June 19th arrived at M___ June 20th. Left June 20th M___ arrived Zincourt June 21st. We left Zincourt on the 23rd of June and arrived at Chatous the same day, we pulled out at 1 p.m. and rode till the next day at 12 o'clock June 24th and from there we walked to T___ we stayed over for a time. We left T___on June 28th for a 32 kilometer hike, we passed through Chelon which was a large town and arrived in a big _____ ____ ____ on June 29th. This was in the C____ front at Camp C_____, we left this camp on July 3rd and hiked for 18 kilometers to S____ ____ we were at ______. We left _____ on July 19th and passed through Vodana to St. ____ WE LEFT THIS PLACE THE 21ST. AND GOT Bombarded that night we came by the way outside of Paris we were __ K. We hiked 2 K. and the same day we hiked 40 K. we went through La ___ and made another 40 K hike for ________ we landed there the 28th at B____, we left there July 30th and went in a woods, it got go hot as we had to go back a ways on the Aug. 2. I went with Co. B to the front for __ hours we were following the B____ on the 4th I went back to Hdq. And from there we left to the rear we passed through B____ C____ E____ there we stayed in a Chateau, we left there on the 11th on a 15 K hike and the next day 12 K. this place where we stayed was C_____ we left C____12th and went to ________ we left this place the 16th we passed through ____ and entrained at C____-____, we left that evening and passed through C____, C_____, Langres and unloaded at M____ from here we marched 12 K to V____ we landed in this place the 18th of Aug. We left here on the 28th and landed at _____29th. We left ____ on the 29th and landed in ____on 30th. We left ____on the ___________________(illegible) We left this place the same eve and arrived at B______-La-Cote Sept. 6th. We left this place Sept. 7th and arrived at _____Sept. 8th. We left _____ on the 8th and arrived at ____left this place Sept. 9th stayed in a woods until Sept. 12th. left there and passed _____,_____,_____, ____ and I are Mount Sect that we took and we were stationed at ____, we arrived there Sept. 13th, we left here on the 16th and camped in a woods about 4 kl. From _____. We left the wood Oct. 1st and landed in St. ____on Oct. 2nd left here that eve and landed in _____Oct. 3rd, laid over there we left this place Oct. 4th and landed in _____ and stayed in ____, we left this place and landed in _____ woods Oct. 5th left the woods Oct. 10th and arrived Oct. the 11th at _______ this was on the Argone Front. We left here on Nov. 3rd and went through ____, _____, _____,_____,_____ and stayed for the night on the farm outside of ____. We left here on the Nov. 5th and went through ____ to a Chateau we left this Chateau on Nov. 8th and went to ____ we left here on Nov. 9th and went through ____ and stayed in ______ and went through _____ and stayed there on _____the 10 Nov. We left there the 11th Nov. and passed through _____ and stayed in _____. Left this place Nov. 13th and went through ____,____ and stayed in ____. We left this place Nov. 17th and pass through ______ and stayed in ___. We left ___ the 20th and passed through ______ and stayed in _____. We left ____the 21st and passed through ____this was the last village in France then we passed the Border in Belgian. _____ was on the Border line this was all decorated with flags then we passed Bellefontaine, St-Marie and stayed in ____, left ____the 22nd for a 22 kl. Hike and stayed in ____. We left ____the 23rd and went through ____, and passed the Border of Luxembourg and some more villages of ____,____,____,____ this was a large place and stayed in ____. Left ____Dec. 1st. and passed through ________ and stayed in ____, left ____ dec. 2 and passed through ____,--_________and stayed in ______. Left ____ Dec. 3rd and passed through _____ ____ this is where we passed the Border line to Germany and _____, _____ ____ We laid over in _____ one day and left there Dec. 5th and passed through ____,_____,_____,_____and stayed in ____. We left ____Dec. 6th and passed through ____,____ ____,______,_____, And laid over in ____ left ____Dec. 8th and passed _____,____ and laid over in ____Dec. 9th and passed through __________and laid over in _____. We left that place Dec. 14th and passed through _____. We stayed for the night, We left __Dec. 15th and passed through ____. And laid over in ____. I went over to ___to a large field meet over there 2nd. Div of Canada & 42nd. this was on Jan. 18 Germany. I also was in ____ Feb. 11/19. I took in every thing that I could. I see the Kaiser's castle, when across the Mosel river and had our supper in the ____ and I also crossed the Bridge to ____, this is where there is a big fort. March 14th I took an excursion trip down the Rhine to ____ and back to ____. Left B____April 8 to ____where we laid over. We left ____April 9this is where we took the train for ____. We were 74 hours riding on the train we arrived the 12th and went to camp. We loaded on the Ship Pretoria April 16th and sailed the 17th at 3:00 P.M. Arrived at Boston April 28,/1919 at 8A.M. and went to Camp Devens the same day. Left Camp May 12th at 2"30 P.M. Arrived at Camp Grant May 14th 1919 Leave Camp Grant May 16. This is where we got our discharge.
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