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Letter from Harvey Stich, Company C, 150th Machinegun Battalion, 42nd Division, to his brother. Some where in France Nov. 3, 1918 Dear Brother, Must take the pleasure and write to you. For you have waited for me to write, and you didn't hear from me for a long time, So now I will write and let you all know that I am in the best of health and hope that you are the very same or better. Brother, I have received Hilda's letter a few days ago and I was so glad to hear the news from home again and I will answer it the next chance I get. Brother I would like to get my picture taken, but we do not get the chance, because we are after the Germans and we got them on the run all the time, and we are taking lots of German prisoners on all the fronts. Brother, the note you have sent in Hilda's letter I gave it to Roy Nimmer, and he was so glad to hear from you and he likes to hear how Foster [is] getting along, and he always likes to hear from you. Brother, I got a letter from my Pal 2 days after I got the letter from Hilda. He has sent me a check of $2.00 and I was so glad he sent me that money, and he always was going to send me something and so he sent me a check. Brother, today is one year [since] we landed in France, and I hope it won't be another year. Brother, I have met Frank Welch of Co. B of Oshkosh and a few others. I suppose you know how they are. And we have been at the front 8 months already and we are still driving the Germans back into their own land and we may drive them back into Berlin, and then we can get the Hun and bring him to New York for souvenir. Well lets hope the war will end very soon and get back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. So you didn't hear from Brother Carly for a long time. I didn't hear from him either. The last letter I got from him was 4 months ago and I didn't hear from him since, and I don't think I ever will hear from him again. So __ is gone to already. I hope I will meet him here in France, but I think it's hard to find him here, because we are moving all the time. And the weather is getting colder here too and its getting near Christmas too, and I suppose the weather is getting colder by you to already. You may have snow by the time you will reach this letter. I hope you won't have just a cold winter like that time when I worked at the Diamond Match Company. When I got up in the morning at 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock, and a good many mornings I walked in the car tracks so that I could get [through] the snow. So that's all the news I got must close And send you All my best love And good luck To you all From your Brother Harvey Answer soon as you can
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