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Record 222/678
Letter from Harvey Stich, Company C, 150th Machinegun Battalion, 42nd Division, to his sister-in-law. May 26, 1918 Somewhere in France Dearest sister Hilda Your very hearty welcome letter was received yesterday afternoon. Surly was more then glad to get it for I was anxious looking for it, because we are all at the front doing our bit for the country. Hilda you said it has been raining that all night and all day Sunday until 3 o'clock. The weather here in France is like this when in (it) rains the first day and the next day its dry again and sunshine again. So you and Alfred were to the [illegible] that Sunday morning and got a good ducking in that rain when you came home. Ha. Ha. I get it once in a while too. So this time Little Phyllis is asleep, so you can not miss this chance. Must tell you that I was very glad to hear that the home folks and neighbors and Friends are enjoying good health. Must tell you that I am the very same for the time we are over here in France. Hilda I said before the end of this year the girls may have to the work in the factory. For they have drafted 1050 men in the service already by this time. And it is to bad its have come that way. Well how many letters did you get from Curly since he left home. I suppose he didn't write as much as I did when the 42nd. Div. was in Camp Mills. So you have read Bill Bahr's last three letters and you have said it was some letter. And you have said I shouldn't be afraid. Well Hilda you know every soldier can't write the same. Hilda you may know by this time of the year that we are somewhere in France. Well its to bad the Germans got over here and blowed everything over and took the little girl's and boy's fathers & mothers away. So know those little girls and boys have got no home so now they got to make their own living. Hilda this is something that happened yesterday afternoon. When we got the letter we sat out side and read the letter. It was myself and Roy Nimmer. He got a letter from his friend. He was just reading about the rats. His friend said if gets some rats he should skin them and when he just read about the rats. And with that a rat came running along the road and we both jumped up & ran after the rat. And we got the rat in a corner & Roy Nimmer took his helmet and hit the rat and killed it. Roy said to me when we got that rat, "well Harvey, we will have a good supper." Ha. Ha. Rat for supper, I said no Roy not for me. So now I have got Curly's pictures and look good on it to. So I'm sending one of mine where the Ohio band is on. And it will look good to the folks at home. Hilda, me and my mule are true friends. And we get along well & happy and all of our Co. are all alive yet and we all feel well and happy. And the 32nd. Div. are in the trenches now. And they are going to leave the 42nd. Div. and we don't know where we are going from here. So now I must close for this. With love and good Luck to you all And Good bye good luck god bless you is all that I can say but when you leave my heart will grieve forever and a day From you soldier boy Harvey Answer soon
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