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Record 192/678
Letters from Private Otto Spaedtke, Company C, 150th Machine Gun Battalion, possiblyto his sister. Camp Mills Oct. 13, 1917 Hello Kid I received your ever welcome and was glad to hear from you. Well how is the old fish trust gang. I suppose still laying on brays point and watching for game wardens and hell divers. China town is still alright yet with the old walls turning around and the old opium fiends with the old spritz in their pocket. You don't want to cop off all my old girls what I mean or there will be war what I mean are youse guys doing much fishing lately. I wish you were here to see some of these girls. I was out with Rockefellers daughter last night tomorrow night I am going out with Asters daughter. Is Hans still the old jinks around there golding it. Did ma get the pictures I sent lately and did Robert get the bullet I sent him tell him not to spoil it and if he don't want to keep it home he can hang it up in the (illegible) club and tell him to write once in a while. How is the new place Andy has got is it better than the old one. How did (illegible) ever get a job up to the D[iamond] M[atch] Co. I suppose soon the whole gang will be working up there. Do Bud Koch and Jedel still work up there yet. Tell them guys not to drink too much beer and save some for me. I heard that it snowed down there is that right. It must be pretty cold down there lately. Well it is getting pretty cold around here too I hope we move pretty soon to someplace where it is warmer. Well I guess I will have to close as it is getting late 9 o'clock that is dam late for me now days. I suppose you guys are in the shanty all night sometimes. Well will have to close now From Red send best regards to Ma and Pa and the rest of the family. Tell Cudle to ans (answer) my card and tell the rest of the bunch my best regards and tell them to write (answer soon) I suppose Frustick is just got just as much hard luck getting something to drink as I have.
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