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Admin/Biog History Clarence S. Priebe was born in Oshkosh, WI on July 29, 1897, the son of Fred and Ida (Springborn) Priebe. He attended Dale School and graduated from Oshkosh High School in 1915. He worked for Medberry-Findeissen Company as a shipping clerk. He enlisted as a Wagoner in the Supply Company, 2nd Wisconsin National Guard on May 1st, 1917. He was listed as single, brown eyes, darl hair, fair complexion and five feet 11 3/4 inches tall. His unit became the Supply Company, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division. He served in France and was hospitalized in October 1918 where he died of blood poisoning on November 19, 1918. He was originally buried in a cemetery in France, but his body was returned to America and he was buried in Oshkosh at Riverside Cemetery, Lot 8, W 1/2B, H41, in July 1921.
Classification Archives
Collection World War I Small Collections
Dates of Accumulation 1917
Abstract Letter from Wagoner Clarence S. Priebe, Supply Company, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division, to his mother.

Wed. A.M.
Oct. 22, 1918

My dear mother:
I received your latest and most welcome letter of Sept. 29 yesterday so mother dear as I have a bit of spare time this A.M. I must at least write a short line at least. I haven't written mother for over a week now owing to limited writing periods so mother you must excuse me. I also received sister's most welcome letter the other day to and tell her I'll answer it soon. Well mother we are as busy as ever and also having plenty of rain. Talk about miserable weather, well no one dares to mention "Sunny France" or he'll visit the hospital.
I suppose mother dear by the time this letter reaches you, you will be all settled in our new home and content again. Your letter yesterday stated you were all ready to move and so dear I'll address this by the new address. I dated one dear (one previous to this one) to our new address so mother this should be my second letter address208 N. Park Ave.
Say mother dear in this letter I'm enclosing a slip that allows you to send a Xmas package over to me according to requirements laid down in directions on the slip. Now mother, I sincerely hope this letter and slip reaches you O.K. and immediately as the package should be in the Oshkosh Post office all ready for sending by Nov. 20 so you see mother how important this letter and slip really is. Now dear I'm listing a few things I really need because other things are not necessary for use over here. Now mother dear above all things send a good "Jack Knife" if it cost $5 for one and a good one as that's something I absolutely need. Tell Dad to pick it out if necessary dear and have it good and sharp. You see dear I lost the Knife "Uncle Jonsy" gave me a couple months ago so you see I'm handicapped without a good knife as the French Pocket knives are "Po Bon" "no good". Now dear, above all things send a good knife if possible. 2nd dear a good straight stem "Pipe". That too mother dear is necessary and I'll be well pleased if you send one. Also mother you and sister pick out some good Khaki Handkerchiefs" and send those. Now dear those things above all articles are more than useful especially a good pocket knife so receiving this slip O.K. Kindly send them. They should all go under 3# or the required regulations I guess so little mother dear kindly send them. Now mother, I'm really not asking this as a Xmas gift but want you to purchase the said articles and I'm willing to make everything all O.K. with you. So dear kindly send them.
Well mother I'll soon have to close so I can get this letter off as soon as possible as every day counts. Here's hoping you receive this letter O.K. Kindly write to "Grace" and tell her I received all of her most welcome letters and will write as soon as possible. Hope mother you are all comfortable and settled in our new home. See I certainly wish I could see our new home as I'll bet it's a dandy. By the way dear I haven't had a chance to send that money order as yet but believe me mother will send it as soon as I get a chance and want you to use it. Hope also mother by this time my allotments are arriving O.K. as they will come most likely in one large check.
Well mother dear this is a short letter but will write a longer one in a few days so kindly excuse this one.
Here's hoping mother this letter and "Slip" arrive home all O.K. and that it will be in time for you to purchase the above articles. (By the way dear I received a nice long letter from Lenora and must write to her the first chance I get but at present I'm to busy.
Will close now mother dear with heaps of love and Kisses and wishes for the best of health to you all, I remain
As Ever
Your loving Son
Clarence Priebe
Event World War I
Category 8: Communication Artifact
Legal Status Oshkosh Public Museum
Object ID SC411.10.31.6
Object Name Letter
People Priebe, Clarence Sidney
Subjects World War I
127th United States Infantry
32nd Division
Title Letter
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