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Letter from Wagoner Clarence S. Priebe, Supply Company, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division, to his mother. France Oct. 13, 1918 Sun A.M. My dear mother, Well dear as it is Sun. A.M. and I have a few spare moments I must write at least a short letter to you mother dear. This week mother dear I received 11 letters in one day and yesterday I received 3 more letters. Gee mother, about 6 were from you, a number from Grace, and one from George Rasmussen, and one from Mr. Findeissen. How's that for mail mother after waiting about a month for letters. Well mother I was certainly glad to hear that you are all well and happy. That's certainly a load off my mind, as I haven't heard from you for so long a time, owing to mail being tied up. In your letter of Sept. 15 mother dear you stated you were again receiving my mail but before that you had not had a letter for about a month. Now mother I remember the reason for not writing. It was because we were so busy we could not write and furthermore our mail could not be censored. So you see mother it wasn't my fault as I wrote whenever I could edge in a letter to you dear. So mother, you folks back home are well satisfied with the war news? Well dear it certainly looks encouraging and on looking over some "Northwesterns" (first ones I ever received) the other day they had some awful fine headlines believe me. By the way mother dear I received I think 3 "Northwesterns" from you and also a bundle from the Store. Gee the news and reading material was certainly great dear. Also the Boss's letter was fine to and Geo. Rasmussen said he had been talking to dad of late. And also said they had had 3 men in my place since I left and said he expected me back with them soon. So you see mother my job is still O.K. Say mother dear I'm certainly glad to hear you have bought a fine little house and I know now you will be happy and content with no more moving. I'm certainly anxious to see our new home believe me. Grace wrote and said she was coming down to see it as soon as you had an extra day. Gee mother she certainly writes some fine letters to me and always tells me all about you dear and your correspondence. It's certainly fine of you both writing back and forth as it encourages you both. Now mother in regard to that money of mine I want you to use every bit you need and get all squared around as its doing me no good over here. Now dear I won't except one bit of interest and want you to use that money or you'll know the reason why when I get back. Now mother dear you do that. Also mother dear I have more good news. I have (300 Francs) about $50 with our Capt. and the first chance I get I'm going to send it to you and that together with what you have on hand of mine I want you to use in paying off that little mortgage so all will be O.K. Now dear I mean every word I say and you must do it to because there's no reason why you shouldn't. In regard to my allotments it's certainly funny but dear the Government will send them soon I hope you see dear they had to be renewed over here in Aug. I guess it was I made out a new one for the name amount of money to. So you see mother dear they have to all be looked after once more as some of the allotments were increased and some decreased making more book work. So don't worry dear but maybe it's best to inquire about it. Another thing mother dear I can't understand why my money order to Grace has not arrived as yet. It should arrive with three months so I'll soon inquire into it if it don't arrive. Believe me it's a funny proposition this mail stuff. Believe me mother dear I'll send that mail order as soon as I get a chance. So fall weather has set in? Well dear I'll bet you dislike winter coming on now. It's certainly tough believe me. We've been having plenty of rain of late and the weather is real chilly believe me. But I always manage to cuddle up with some Pal thereby keeping good and warm. Hope dear by now (seeing it's Oct.) you are all settled in your new house. I guess dear it's about time I should address my letters by the new address. I'll do it if I don't forget as I'm always in the habit of the old address. So dad is busy hunting again this Season. Well here's hoping he's enjoying himself and getting plenty of game. Tell him he ought to have a good chance, as there are not so many hunting this year. Also if he were over here it would be either hunting Germans or rats as that's what we are always after. The other day a German plane was brought down and I was looking at it. The aviator was nearby dead with a bullet hole in his chest and shrapnel in his foot from anti aircraft guns. He wouldn't surrender so was killed. Believe me it was an awful sight and some plane too. Well mother dear give Daddy and Sis my best regards and tell them everything is all fine and dandy with me. I'll close now little mother with heaps of love and Prunes to you dear and a nice big hug and a prayer to soon be with you all once more. As Ever I remain Your loving Son C.S.P. Ok. Stull 2nd Lt. 127 Inf.
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