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Record 110/678
Letter from Otto Bernanrd Sells, Company B, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division to his parents in Oshkosh, WI. July 5, 1918 Dear Folks & all. Just a few lines to let you know I'm in the finest of health hoping this will find you all the same. I' writing this in the front line trenches & have got lots of time for it is my time for day guard. The Dutchmen [slang term for Germans] bombarded us for just a hour and ten minutes with small casualties. Of course they sure lost a few. We had two patrols out & they brought two men slightly wounded back. The four started out again and that is the last they seen of them. I think they were captured. I was supposed to be back in support this time & was the night of the raid. The next day we had to report to [the] front line to replace a corporal was taken to hospital. A German Lieutenant was wounded & brought in [and he] could understand English. One of the boys said, "He will know better & stay in his place next time". So he spoke up & said, "I wished I had." That was before we knew he could talk English. Some of the boys will get French medals. I received four letters from you & one from Ruth. We never get a chance to get any more postals so will never get a chance to write any more of them. I wished now I had brought my own trunk for it was a good one. I think the least you have to do with G. the better off you will be with all the rest. Today is the first paper we have seen for nearly a week. & see where the Americans had made a good drive. [Illegible name] is also coming across to join us. In case I should get captured & write from the Devils land, be careful what you say for things cause a death or crippling in some way. I haven't seen my old bunkie for a long time. He is with the Intelligence bunch. I sure would like to hear from M. & when I come back would like to take a trip with her for a week. How is Harvey? Do you ever see Louie? One of the boys in support bought a big pale of cherries. With Love. Son Otto.
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