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Record 109/678
Letter from Otto Bernanrd Sells, Company B, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division to his parents in Oshkosh, WI. June 1918 Dear Folks & rest. Just a few lines to let you know I'm in the finest of health, hoping this will find you all the same. We stayed in rest camp three days & then back in front line for nine & I stayed a day longer & was guide of the new relief & also to show them the new place next day. We have been real lucky not a man hurt. While putting over a barrage a patrol of six men from D. Co. of Milwaukee tried to hurry it along not knowing the barrage wasn't to be lifted until ordered, had a bad accident. One of our big one hundred & fives dropped in the middle of them. Three were killed & one died later & the Lieutenant is wounded badly. The sixth man never had a scratch. I went to school with one of the boys. He sure was a jolly fellow. It sure was a joke the way a Hun met a surprise. He lost his patrol & came into our wire the guard said Halt. Who goes there & the reply was, "Vat?" & a bomb landed along side of him. Of course he will never say that again. Sergeant Drager has got a job, he is going to be first Srgt. of Infantry School. Srgt. Barker is too. Capt. bought ten of us some swell food. The first for a long time. Ham, eggs, lettuce, spuds. Of course the Frenchmen drink wine, real rye bread & farm made butter. Of course we left about half on the table, "Not". We got paid day before yesterday & drank a few bottles of champagne. The cherries are ripe & about twice the size of ours. One night one of our boys said, "Hey Lieutenant, come here see that big rat, why every night he comes along & inspects my gun." They are sure tame & real pets. We have the big bee about twice the size of our King bee, they are harmless. The flies are bad, one is the house fly those that stay around woods & swimming hole. The second is a long thin fellow & believe me he sure can bite. The third is a fly the size of ours & has an odd band around his body. We also have a pest called mosquito, the people have got their first crop of hay in. It sure seems funny to see oxen or else two milkers hitched up. I sure have run into lots of my friends. I see where Austrians are getting it from the Italians & that is [illegible] of Germany hopes of their support. Old Bill he ought to (be) glad he has a girl instead of a boy as in years to come he will not have to lose him going to war. Srgt. Butch Price said, If his boy slips off with his left foot something will happen. Time is sure flying fast that we will be called out a year. I met Harold Garden [possibly Harry Gaertner, 107th Ammunition Train] belongs to the 107th. Mounted Police. Every day I would write longer letters but cannot be done. Give regards to all, wishing them the best of health. I haven't rec'd. mail for nearly three wks. & also didn't write for that period. Your Son, Corp. Sells
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