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Letter from Otto Bernanrd Sells, Company B, 127th Infantry, 32nd Division to his parents in Oshkosh, WI. France 1918 March 9 Dear Folks & rest. Just a short __ sweet note to let you know I'm in the finest of health. Hoping it will find mother out of the hospital & the rest the same. This sure is some country. I think it is a prettier place then the U.S.A. It sure is fine weather they have got their gardens all planted & up. We are a long way from the Rain0bow division. I think we will find them. So far we get through with our trip. I done a lot of washing & took a good bath so though I would take a trip to the YMCA & write a few letters. Will be some more washing to-morrow. I'm going to have my hair clipped short so can imagine how I look. After to-morrow we will get passes to go to town so will like a trip. It costs two cents by St. car & six cents be a ferryboat. Quite a change for us, using this money. I will write often but cannot tell when you will get them. It is summer where we are all the year around. I hope you will read your "______" all right. There is a big _here for both niggers & whites. We received a paper here called N. York herald. I see where our boys done a little damage. Say hello to all & best regards. All houses built down here are out of stone & ____. They are plaster-paris & all kinds of designs made out of it. Their trains are the size of our St. cars divided off in from four to five sections a seat on each side. Five on a side. No closets for them a engine the size of our switch or smaller. We pay a frank for a glass of wine & eleven cents for beer. I am not going to drink any of it at all. There is a fellow singing. In ____ a home sure sounds good. Now ma if you can get around this summer go to a lot of excursions & get out & enjoy yourself. Don't worry about me for I will look out for No. one first. I will close with Love. Your Son, Corp. O.B.S. O.K. Lt. Leo E. Oakey 127___. N.G.
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