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Orders to Major Ulysses Grant Carl concerning a raid on German trenches: SECRET From: Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry, C. R. Austerlitz To: Commanding Officer, 128th Infantry Subject: plan of proposed raid. 1. Pursuant to 2nd Ind. Hq. 128th Infantry, 9th July, 1918, the following is the proposed plan of a raid. PLAN Object: To execute a raid on the enemy's lines for the purpose of capturing prisoners. Strength: One Captain Three Lieutenants Twelve Sergeants Twenty-four Corporals One Hundred and eight men Divided into twelve seperate subgroups, forming three groups. RAIDING PARTY: The three groups will be commanded by a Captain. GROUPS: One Lieutenant (Commander) Four Subgroups. SUBGROUPS: Composition: One sergeant two corporals nine men EQUIPEMENT: Each subgroup will carry three wire cutters, large type. Each man will carry five offensive grenades and two defensive grenades. Each NCO [Non-commissioned officer] will carry two incendiary grenades in addition to the other grenades. All will be armed with pistols and trench knives. In addition subgroups 1 and 12 will each have a Chauchat [French light machine gun] for immediate protection. LIMITS OF TERRAIN INVLOVED: Northern limits: a line established by coordinates 03.81 to 06.81. Southern limits: a line established by coordinates 02.77 to 05.77. MISSION AND ROUTES OF SUBGROUPS: Subgroup No. 1 to remain at 01.77 as a guard facing south east, against action from woods.
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