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U.S. Model 1816 Type III, .69 caliber muzzle loading musket, converted from flintlock to percussion: full length American black walnut stock; steel butt plate; steel lockplate stamped with Eagle and "U.S./N. Starr" and Middtn/Conn./1834"; steel hammer (vent hole for flintlock plugged with brass); steel trigger and trigger guard with sling swivel; round steel barrel with conversion to percussion at breech; long range adjustable sight added; three steel barrel bands with three steel band springs (middle band has sling swivel); upper band has leaf sight; ramrod in forestock. Originally manufactured by Springfield Arsenal as a flintlock, this particular musket was made under contract by N. Starr in 1834. Thousands of these muskets were converted to percussion in the 1850s. Some were rifled to accept the .69 caliber minnie ball and had long range sights added. Although considered a secondary arm during the Civil War, they were re-issued to the growing number of volunteer troops in both the north and south in the early part of the Civil War.
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