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1 letter with patriotic envelope from George Emit Crandall, Company K, 11th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry to his mother Mary Crandall. The envlope has General George McClellan. September 22, 1865 Dear Mother, I just we received your kind and welcome letter. It found me pretty well. My leg is doing real well. I [illegible few words]up writing in the chair. Mother, I don't know what to tell you about selling the corn. Maybe you had better sell one, for I can't get my pay untill I get my discharge and think it won't be long before I will take it. They offered me my discharge this other day. I told them I [illegible] I wouldn't yet I would wait. a four days. First Mother, there is a young man coming home with me. He thinks a great deal of me. I am doing very well now, but mother I don't think I ever can use it [meaning his leg.] It is crooked and stiff. I can't bend it a mite. I will show you how it is as near as I can. [At this point in the letter, Crandall draws a picture of his leg and labels it "Emit Crandall". A hole is drawn above the knee joint and is labeled "Here it hit". A line passes through the leg to the back, just above the nape of the knee and is labeled, "Here it came out".] This is as true a history as I can give of my leg. There was six holes cut in the [illegible] part a [illegible] for the holes and the [illegible] lay on the [illegible]. This is about all, only that I have had the iricippilas in it once. Then I had a large abscess to [illegible] my new, so that tore it all to pieces. Well I must stop for this time, so goodbye to all. From your absent son. Emitt Crandell Write often as you can and I will as often as [I] can get stamps
Letter of from George Emmett Crandall to his mother Mary Crandall -THE CIVIL WAR -Copyright Oshkosh Public Museum

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