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1 letter and envelope from William Doerner to his friend John Heron. Envelope addressed to: John Heron, Oshkosh Wis., postmarked Little Rock Feb 6, 1865 Little Rock January 13, 1865 Friend John Yours of December 21 came to hand and your letter between. I was glad to hear from you and hope your folks are all the same. I have a little notion to give you a litt-le daming, for neglecting me so, but hope you will not do it again, so I will not say any more about it. You say you had rather be pounded than to write a letter, well I say, you better write letters to me, or I will do the pounding when I come back again. Write letters I say. Do you under-stand? And not little half sheets. After waiting six months ain't you ashamed? You ought [to] serve about three years in the army and I bet you would know better then to send a little half sheet to a friend. I don't know of much news to write for we don't hear anything here. I received a letter from Bill Dichmann, he is another such fellow, he sends little half sheets, is paper very costly up north? Let me know and I will send you some next time, for five cents I can get a sheet of paper and an envelope here. That is cheap ain't it? You want to know how I am getting along. Well I [will] tell you. We haven't been paid for over six months, and you know Officers can't draw rations from government, but we have to pay cash for all we have. And everything is very high, po-tatoes five dollars a bushel, butter one dollar a pound, and everything according. Captain, 1st Lieutenant, and myself, we mess to-gether and it costs us a dollar and fifty cents for meat every day. So, you can think it cost us our whole salary to live. If you should make up your mind to be soldier, just come down here. I would like to see you very much. I would show you how to carry a musket. Mike Sipe is down here again, he came down to this Regiment just before New Years, and I and him got on a hell of a bender New Year. I must come to a close. Now if you can't read this, send it back, and I will send a telegraphic dispatch. Be sure and write as soon as you get this [letter]. Tell Caroline that I am expecting a letter from her. Tell Amy to write me a letter and I will answer it. My love to Netty Ostrom. I haven't heard from Bert Wood in a great while I suppose he is with Sherman. Give my love to all. From your friend William [Doerner]
Letter of from William Doerner -THE CIVIL WAR -Copyright Oshkosh Public Museum
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