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Record 85/294
Letter from Charles Lewis Porlier to his father Louis B. Porlier during his service with Company B, 21st Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. Camp Near Atlanta Sept. the 15, 1864 Dear Father, I take the pleasant opportunity to answer your welcome letter, which found me in good health, and I hope when these few lines reach you may find you all enjoying the same blessing. Dear Father, yesterday I went in the city and I saw how our shells went through the buildings. It tore them badly. The people said that there were many citizens killed by our shells. I saw where they dug holes to get out of reach of our shells. Dear Father, I think one more campaign will wind my three years [up], if God spares me until that time. I tell you it looks mighty shaky when the bullets and shells are flying, although the boys don't mind it. They holler to one another and make a bargain to meet half way to trade tobacco for coffee. I used to go and meet them and trade with them. I go all alone and we sit down and have a great talk. Sometimes there were five [Confederates] sitting around me and I was alone out of sight of any of the rest of the boys. If they been mind to they could [have] taken me in their lines. But they would stick to their bargain and then when we parted we shake hands and we part as soon as we get to our rifle pits. We go to shooting at each other when we get to our pits. We holler to them to lay down and they would do the same. It was to let us know that they were going to shoot and it was the same way with us. Well Dear Father, I must bring my letter to a close. All the boys are all well. E. Vredenburg is 1st Lieutenant of our company. I think he will make a good one, he's a good boy. Dear Father, give my love to Aunt Childs and Augustin, and all the rest of the family. So good day from your dear son C. L. Porlier Moses Ladd and Marshall [Grignon] send their best respect to al the family.
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