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Record 61/294
Letter and envelope addressed to Lowell G. Taplin from Sergeant John B. David concerning Osman B. Taplin, Company E, 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. 2 miles N.W. of Catersville Mr. Taplin Dear Sir, Last Monday the 17th of Sept. Our army and that of the enemies were engaged all day and most of the same night. Our Reg. "The 2nd Wis." was formed in line at daylight and in about an hour we were engaged with the enemy. We were the first line of battle and on the extreme right. Consequently we lost the heaviest. Our reg. Took into action 151 men, 75 of them were either killed or wounded. Our Co. Lost 12 killed or wounded. [?] is among the wounded. He was hit after firing two rounds. I was slightly wounded in the knee, but as I was able to walk I helped him from the field. He was taken from me before going far and put in an ambulance, then to where he is at present. He is now doing well but as he is dangerously wounded it will take some time for me to say whether he will live or not. I am left to take care of him. And I assure you I will do all that is possible for one to do for a dear friend. Dr. Arnt of our Regt. Was here to see him this morning. He (the Dr.) Told me there were hopes of him. That this being the thirteenth day he looked extremely well. Better than he expected. My opinion is that he will live. I shall try to keep you informed from day to day as to how he gets along I hope to be able in the course of 2 more days to say that he will live. He is wounded in the right side, the ball struck him about half way between the navel and the side , passed through the body, coming out just above the point of the hip. There are no bones touched and if his insides are not hurt he will get well. That is now the question which it will take 2 days more to answer, As I said before, I will try and keep you informed as to how he gets along, but as I can not give you any directions as to where you to write and not being with the regt. It will be impossible for to even send a letter to either him or me at present. Osman is now sleeping very quietly says he is as well as could be expected under the circumstances. With these few lines I will close. Yours Respectfully J.B. David, Co. E 2nd Reg. Wis. Vols.
Letter from John B. David to Osman Taplin's father. -THE CIVIL WAR -Copyright Oshkosh Public Museum

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