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Letter written by Joseph Arnold to his family in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Joseph was now a member of the 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry when he wrote this letter. He describes in this letter the trench warfare during the Atlanta, Georgia Campaign. [Joseph Arnold Letter Translated from German] Near Marietta, Georgia June 18, 1864 God be with you, dear parents and siblings. I wrote you a letter the day before yesterday. That evening, the Rebs again shelled us with their canons. Most of [the shells] exploded amidst our regiment, but fortunately they did not do any harm. In the evening or during the night, they left their breastworks, which are merely 500 yards away from us, and now we have got them in the mountains. Two regiments of Rebs are said to have come in and surrendered today. Now we have got them where we can pay them back for the shells they dropped amongst us the day before yesterday, and on the 15th. Yesterday, as we advanced, our regiment's skirmishers seized a Rebel flag. We are again positioned in support of a battery, and have to be ready at all times to go to where [the fighting] is still going. I will write you again as soon as we receive [any] report. Be so kind as to send me postage stamps for fifty cents. I did not put the shirt into the box. I was not able to get my pay in St. Louis, for our regiment was on the march, and they could not send me my descriptive list. I received the newspapers. I cannot help but be astonished at Louise. Guste Gebaur does not worry me. I am not surprised at Matthias, I know him all too well. You may send the seven Thaler [Dollars] to Casper. His address is: Casper Haberbush, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Habert, who used to live in Fond du Lac, where I made their acquaintance, apparently will come to visit you. They are very good people, and they were always kind to take me in. When I departed, she made a sewing kit for me which I still have, for I kept it in my pocket at Chancellorsville. The fire has been going heavily since this morning. The Rebs want to get out, but are driven back each time. I do not know what will happen tonight, but we are confident that all will be well. In closing, I send my regards to all those who know me, and to you, from Your son and brother Joseph Send my regards to Leonhart.
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