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Description Kerchief of white cotton with pink picture in center and corners. Daubert family documents related to immigrating to the United States were found tied up in this kerchief.

This kerchief was brought by the Volga-German family of George Daubert when they emigrated from Jagodnaja Poljana, Russia. Family history has it that most of their baggage was stolen when they arrived and so had very few items from their Volga home.

Daubert Family History: The Daubert family was one of the first German families to immigrate to Russia under the edict of Catherine the Great in 1767. They settled in Jagodnaja Poljana (also spelled Yagodnaya Polyana) near the Volga River. They had suffered greatly after the Seven Years War and were promised land and exemption from military service. In 1871, Czar Alexander II repealed their privileges and Volga-Germans began to immigrate to the United States of America in 1872. They began to leave Jagodnaja and arrive in Oshkosh in 1899, settling on the west-side near Sawyer Avenue and working for Paine Lumber. To learn more check out the web site:

George Daubert was born March 15, 1873 in Jagodnaja Poljana, Russia.
His wife, Anna Daubert was also born there on March 22, 1874.
They were married on December 26, 1892 in Russia.
Five of their children were also born in Russia: John; Henry; George, Jr.; Peter; and Lydia.
Marie, the youngest was born in Oshkosh in 1914.
The George Daubert family left Russia on December 20, 1912. Daubert family records show that the tickets were $350 each except for one which was $87.50.
They came to the United States on February 15, 1913 onboard the SS Canada through Portland Maine.
On March 6, 1913 they left for Canada.
They left Canada for California on October 9, 1913.
They then left California on November 2, 1913.
George declared that he had lived in Oshkosh, WI since 1914, however, sons John & Henry Daubert (misspelled-spelled Delbert) are first listed in the Oshkosh City Directory in 1914 living with George's brothers. George is not listed until 1920.
George and most of his sons worked for Paine Lumber Company.
Some records also have George claiming he left Armond, California November 2, 1918, but it is unclear how long he was there (the family is known to have traveled there to find seasonal work when work at the Paine Lumber Company slow).
They first lived on Sawyer Avenue, until George bought his own home on Lark Street in 1922.
This west side of Oshkosh was settled by Volga-Germans, mostly from Jagodnaja.
George Daubert died September 13, 1950 and his wife, Anna died on February 18, 1960 both are buried at Riverside Cemetery. Neither had ever learned to speak English due to German speaking neighbors, relatives, churches, and stores in Oshkosh.
Dimensions W-12 L-12 inches
Year Range from 1900
Year range to 1920
Material Cloth
Object ID 1998.16.8
Object Name Kerchief
People Daubert, George
Used Daubert Family
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