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Wooden cigar box. Cover is decoratively marked "DELIGHT." Each face on the box is surrounded by thin red adhesive border labels with the word "HABANA" marked repeatedly around outer edges. Left box face has a white adhesive label depicting a woman that extends over bottom face of box; the word "DELIGHT" is included above her. Front box face is marked "Club Perfectos." To the left of this is a stamped notice that reads "THE CIGARS HEREIN/ CONTAINED WERE MANUFACTURED/ TO RETAIL AT MORE THAN/ 5/ CENTS EACH AND/ NOT MORE THAN/ 8/ CENTS EACH AND ARE SO TAX-PAID." The right edge of box includes a United States blue-green tax stamp marked "50 CIGARS" and "CLASS B." The date "1917" is also included on the tax stamp. Interior of box contains a white label that extends from cover down to rear box face. This part of the cover includes the same picture of a woman included on box's left face, in the center amidst a mural depicting an exquisite dinner reception to the left and the gallery of a theatre performance on the right. Above the woman's head is the word, "DELIGHT." The portion of the label extending over rear interior box face reads "DELIGHT" in the center, with "H. DERKSON & SONS/ Manufacturers" to the left and "OSHKOSH,/ Wisconsin." at right. The interior box bottom includes a paper insert decoratively stamped "DELIGHT." Box bottom marked "FACTORY NO. 238 DIS. WIS./ NOTICE: The Manufactures of the cigars herein/ contained have complied with all the requirements/ of law. Every person is cautioned not to use either/ this box or cigars again,/ or the stamp thereon again, nor to remove the contents of this box without/ destroying said stamp under the penalties provided/ by law in such cases." This message is stamped inside a bold black box, and underneath is written "FACTORY NO. 238 DIST. WIS. 60." Also included on bottom surface extending to the rear box face is a light blue stamp marked "Union-made", and "Issued by Authority of the Cigar Makers' International Union of America." The stamp includes the red serial number "59854606 E." Herman Derksen was born February 15, 1844 in Holland. At the age of 12 he traveled with his parents to America where they settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Later the family moved to Chicago, Illinois and then Watertown, Wisconsin. In Watertown Derksen's father, Theodore, established a cigar business. Later the family would move again to Portage, Wisconsin. During the Civil War Derksen, being too young to enlist, worked as a locomotive fireman on the Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul railway that ran from Portage to LaCrosse. By 1868 both father and son were in the cigar business and moved it to Oshkosh where it was located at the corner of Main and Irving street. Later it moved to the corner of Waugoo and Main, but that location burned down in the fire of 1875. In 1882 the Derksen business block was built on Main Street. Derksen's sons also joined the company and the name changed to Herman Derksen & Sons. An active member of the Oshkosh community Derksen served for a time on the cemetery board and 25 years on the park board. He was such an enthusiastic yachtsman that he was known as Captain Derksen. He owned the "Corona", in his obituary stated as, the first steam launch, and in later years also owned the Estella, "Irma", "Napawin" and "Theresa". He was one of the organizers and a charter member of the Oshkosh Power Boat Club. Derksen died June 1, 1934 at the age of 89.
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